Идиомы на букву O

  • on a diet
    на диете
    I have been on a diet several times this year, but nothing helps me to lose weight.
  • on a dime
    на очень ограниченном месте, "на пятачке"
    His new boat is very powerful and is able to start on a dime.
  • on a first-name basis (with someone)
    быть хорошими друзьями, быть на "ты"
    "Are you on a first-name basis with your former boss?"
  • on a fool's errand
    напрасные поиски, глупая затея, безнадёжное дело
    I tried to buy a good used car, but it seems I was on a fool's errand.
  • on a par with
    равноценный (по важности или качеству)
    Ms. Higgins' latest book was on a par with her previous ones.
  • on a shoestring
    с ограниченными средствами
    Greg decided to start his small business on a shoestring.
  • on a splurge
    кутить, разбрасываться деньгами, выставлять напоказ
    We really went on a splurge last week and ate out every night.
  • on a waiting list
    в ожидании вакансии
    I am on a waiting list to get the job of a computer programmer.
  • on account
    (покупать) в рассрочку
    I'd like to purchase a laptop on account at the local department store.
  • on active duty
    быть готовым вступить в борьбу
    The soldiers were on active duty when the enemy approached the town.
  • on again, off again
    неустроенный, изменчивый, неопределённый
    Their plans for the purchase of a new house were on again, off again because of the lack of money.
  • on all fours
    на четвереньках
    Sam was down on all fours as he was looking for his slippers.
  • on an even keel
    ровно, спокойно
    They had their small printing shop running on an even keel.
  • on and off
    периодически, время от времени
    It has been snowing on and off since last night.
  • on and on
    постоянно, не останавливаясь
    The chairman's speech went on and on and it looked it as if would never end.
  • on any account
    под любым предлогом, с любой целью
    Fanny was not going to join the joggers on any account.
  • on approval
    иметь право вернуть (покупку)
    I knew I had the right to return my purchase which I had bought on approval.
  • on behalf of (someone)
    от имени кого-либо
    "On behalf of our teaching staff I'd like to congratulate you with your success."
  • on bended knee
    с большим смирением
    Elena went to me on bended knee to ask me to help her with her English homework.
  • on board
    на борту корабля или самолёта
    They got on board the ship and headed straight for their cabin.
  • on call
    по вызову, по требованию
    Her job of a children's doctor requires being on call whenever her small patients need her.
  • on campus
    на территории колледжа или университета
    There is a good library on campus which we often attend after our classes.
  • on cloud nine
    на седьмом небе (от счастья)
    Olaf was on cloud nine because he had found a very well paid job at last.
  • on condition that
    при условии
    Elena agreed to act in the performance on condition that she could wear her own costumes.
  • on consignment
    вид договора, по которому товары владельца продаются в магазине
    Tony went to the store to buy some computer stuff that was on consignment.
  • on credit
    (покупать) в кредит
    We have just purchased a few furniture items on credit.
  • on deck
    на палубе
    The sea was very quiet, and we spent most of the time on deck.
  • on duty
    на дежурстве или при исполнении служебных обязанностей
    "Who is on duty today?" the teacher asked.
  • on edge
    раздражённый, в нервном состоянии или в нетерпении
    Her nerves have been on edge since she discovered her husband's infidelity.
  • on end
    Rita's husband devotes hours on end to his hobbies.
  • on everybody's lips
    у всех на устах
    The airplane crash, which happened a week ago, is still on everybody's lips.
  • on faith
    (принять) на веру
    Julia is very gullible and takes many things on faith.
  • on fire
    гореть, быть в огне
    The restaurant had been on fire for an hour before the firefighters arrived.
  • on foot
    Silvia always goes to work on foot because she lives within a walking distance from her office.
  • on good terms with (someone)
    в хороших, дружеских отношениях
    They have never been on good terms with their neighbors.