Идиомы на букву O

  • on shaky ground
    шаткое, неустойчивое положение
    Sam Willow's position in the firm had been on shaky ground for a long time before he decided to resign.
  • on side
    (перетянуть) на свою сторону
    They finally got the apartment manager on side in their request not to raise the rent so far.
  • on speaking terms with (someone)
    в дружеских отношениях с кем-либо
    My friend quarreled with his mother-in-law, and hasn't been on speaking terms with her ever since.
  • on standby
    в ожидании
    We had been on standby for train tickets for a week before we finally got them.
  • on target
    цель, плановое задание
    The pharmaceutical company is on target to have its best year of sales ever.
  • on the air
    быть в эфире, передаваться по радио или телевизору
    The talk show had been on the air for a rather short period of time because it turned out to be quite dull.
  • on the alert (for someone or something)
    быть бдительным, зорко следить за кем-либо \ чем-либо
    The police were on the alert for the bank robbers.
  • on the average
    в среднем
    On the average the employees in this bank work thirty-six hours per week.
  • on the ball
    быть умным и способным
    The boy is on the ball and can easily do difficult sums.
  • on the bandwagon
    присоединяться (к чему-либо, что делают другие)
    Most men in our company are on the bandwagon to play paintball game.
  • on the beam
    нормальный, правильный, (попасть) в точку
    What the Dean said about the attendance was right on the beam.
  • on the bench
    вести заседание суда
    When I entered the courtroom, the judge was already sitting on the bench.
  • on the blink
    в плохом состоянии, "при последнем издыхании"
    I decided to buy a new camera because my old one was on the blink.
  • on the block
    пустить в продажу
    After they bought the company they had to put some of the equipment on the block.
  • on the borderline
    на границе между чем-либо, в неопределённом состоянии
    Simon's condition was on the borderline between sanity and insanity.
  • on the button
    быть как раз вовремя
    George arrived at the airport right on the button only to find out that his flight had been canceled.
  • on the contrary
    I thought that the performance would be dull, but on the contrary it turned out to be quite interesting.
  • on the defensive
    пытаться защититься
    The driver who had caused the accident was on the defensive.
  • on the dole
    (получать) пособие по безработице
    The majority of the middle-aged men in this small town are on the dole.
  • on the dot
    точно вовремя
    If John says that he coming at six on the dot, he will be here at exactly six o'clock.
  • on the double
    очень быстро, поскорее
    The tap in the bathroom started to leak, and my father asked me to bring him the tools on the double.
  • on the edge of one's seat
    нервно ожидать чего-либо, "сидеть на краешке стула"
    Tim was on the edge of his seat all morning; he was waiting for the telegram from his mother.
  • on the eve of (something)
    накануне чего-либо
    Gina was too exited to sleep at night on the eve of her wedding.
  • on the face of it
    на первый взгляд, судя по внешнему виду
    The idea is absurd on the face of it.
  • on the fence (about something)
    не принявший решения, не решившийся
    My friend was on the fence about his new job.
  • on the fritz
    испортиться, сломаться
    My computer is on the fritz and I may have to purchase a new one.
  • on the go
    быть занятым (многими делами)
    I have been on the go since early morning, getting ready to leave for a business trip.
  • on the heels of (something)
    вскоре после чего-либо, вслед за чем-либо
    John came that morning on the heels of his letter and insisted on seeing his cousin.
  • on the horizon
    на горизонте; то, что скоро произойдёт
    The government promised that there would be new reforms on the horizon.
  • on the horns of a dilemma
    испытывать затруднение при выборе
    They were on the horns of a dilemma as they couldn't decide where to go for their holidays to Italy or to Spain.
  • on the hot seat
    быть под прицелом критики
    Jack was on the hot seat when the policeman started to ask him the questions to which he couldn't give any answers.
  • on the hour
    точно в определённый час
    The nurse was supposed to give the medicine to the patient on the hour.
  • on the house
    (угощение) за счёт заведения
    The owner of the cafe is a friend of mine and I often get a drink on the house.
  • on the job
    I work as a hairdresser and have been on the job for two years.
  • on the level
    честный, правдивый, честное слово
    "Zeta and Sloan are both trustworthy; they are on the level, I assure you."