Идиомы на букву W

  • welcome to do something
    приветствовать или одобрять какую-либо деятельность
    My friend said I was welcome to come and see her whenever I liked.
  • well and good
    ну что ж хорошо
    If my daughter enters a university, I will call that well and good.
  • well up in years
    Julian is well up in years, but he is very energetic.
  • well-heeled
    Roy's uncle, who is well-heeled, gave him a speedy sports car.
  • well-off
    The Browns may not be millionaires, but they are sufficiently well-off.
  • well-to-do
    состоятельные, обеспеченные (слои общества)
    My friend's father owns a prosperous company and his family is quite well-to-do.
  • wet behind the ears
    новичок, молокосос
    Cathy is still wet behind the ears; she has not yet learned the tricks that the students play on each other.
  • wet blanket
    нудная личность; человек, отравляющий другим удовольствие
    I never take my cousin Jack to my friends' parties because he is a wet blanket.
  • wet one's whistle
    выпить (что-либо спиртное), "промочить горло"
    Uncle Sam told Steve to wait outside for a minute while he went in to the bar to wet his whistle.
  • whale of (something)
    исключительно хороший
    We had a whale of a time at the barbecue party.
  • what about
    о чём? как насчёт (чего-либо)
    "Look here Jimmy. I want to talk to you." - "What about?"
  • What are you driving at?
    На что вы намекаете? Что вы имеете в виду?
    My friend was very vague about it all, and I really didn't understand what he was driving at.
  • What can I say?
    Что я могу сказать?
    "What can I say? I'm sorry that Tim turned out to be a double faced individual."
  • What have you been up to?
    Чем вы занимались? Что вы делали?
    "I haven't seen you for ages. What have you been up to?"
  • what makes (someone) tick
    что-либо, что движет кем-либо
    I could never understand what made Julia tick, what made her refuse our invitation.
  • What one doesn't know won't hurt one.
    меньше знаешь, крепче спишь
    What the boss doesn't know won't hurt him, and it's not necessary to tell him about the missing files.
  • what with
    из-за, в результате
    Frank couldn't visit his aunt, what with the snowstorm and the cold he had.
  • What's (up) with (someone)
    Что случилось с (кем-либо)?
    "What's up with you? You seem to be upset about something."
  • What's cooking?
    Что происходит?
    "What's cooking? Why has a crowd of people surrounded the car?"
  • What's done is done.
    что сделано – сделано, сделанного не воротишь
    It is silly of me to refuse their invitation, but what's done is done.
  • what's good/sauce for the goose is good/sauce for the gander
    что подходит одному, должно подходить и другому
    "You needn't complain about the discomforts; after all what's good for the goose is good for the gander."
  • What's keeping you?
    Что ты так долго? Что тебя задержало?
    "Why are you so long? What's keeping you, I wonder?"
  • What's new?
    Что нового?
    "What's new?" my friend asked me after we hadn't seen each other for two months.
  • What's the big idea?
    Это ещё что? Зачем ты делаешь это?
    "I hear you are spreading false rumors about our company, what's the big idea?"
  • What's up?
    В чём дело? Что происходит?
    "What's up?" asked Mark as he joined his friends. "Are you going to the disco?"
  • what's what
    различать, распознавать
    As the weeds and the flowers were coming up together, it was difficult to tell what was what.
  • Whatever will be, will be.
    что будет, то будет
    I am not going to give up. Whatever will be, will be.
  • wheel and deal
    торговаться, договариваться
    Mr. Smith made a fortune by wheeling and dealing on the stock market.
  • when hell freezes over
    Victor is not trustworthy; I'll believe him when hell freezes over.
  • when it comes right down to it
    когда дело доходит до этого
    When it comes right down to it, I don't think that Greg will keep his promise.
  • when it comes to (something)
    говоря о чём-либо; когда речь идёт о
    When it comes to modern literature, Sue is very knowledgeable about new trends.
  • when least expected
    когда меньше всего ждёшь
    When least expected, the car breaks down in the middle of the road.
  • when one is good and ready
    быть полностью, совершенно готовым
    Ricardo waited when Patricia was good and ready to give her consent to marry him.
  • when push comes to shove
    когда ситуация ухудшается
    "Can I count on your goodwill, when push comes to shove?"
  • when the cat's away, the mice will play
    без кота мышам раздолье
    When the mother left the room, the children began to make a lot of noise. When the cat's away, the mice will play.