Идиомы на букву W

  • worm one's way out of (something)
    (с трудом) находить выход из затруднительного положения
    I hate to wash up, so I decided to worm my way out of this responsibility.
  • worse for wear
    поношенный, истрёпанный
    I had to buy a new pair of jeans because my old ones looked the worse for wear.
  • worth its weight in gold
    очень ценный
    The advice of my father is always worth its weight in gold.
  • worth one's salt
    стоить затраченных денег или уважения
    When the baseball team lost two games in succession, people felt that the coach was hardly worth his salt.
  • worth one's while
    стоить затраченного времени или труда
    I'd rather you didn't repair your car by yourself; it is not worth your while.
  • worthy of the name
    достойный имени
    The food in the restaurant is fantastic and the restaurant itself is more than worthy of the great chef's name.
  • would give one's right arm (for something)
    отдать что-либо ценное (за что-либо)
    Jeffrey would give his right arm for the possibility to see Agatha again.
  • would just as soon
    скорее предпочёл бы
    I would just as soon meet Tim in a restaurant than invite him to my house.
  • wouldn't touch (someone or something) with a ten-foot pole
    ни за что бы не связался с кем-либо или не ввязался во что-либо
    If I knew Kimberly were so stingy, I wouldn't have touched her books with a ten-foot pole.
  • wrap (someone) around one's little finger
    полностью контролировать кого-либо, быть под каблуком у кого-либо
    Sue is very popular with boys, and she can easily wrap any of them around her finger.
  • wrap up
    сворачивать что-либо, заканчивать
    The construction workers wrapped up the job and went home.
  • wrapped up in
    чрезмерно увлекаться, быть погружённым в
    Lora was so wrapped up in her magazine that she didn't hear me come into the room.
  • wreak havoc with/on (something)
    причинять ущерб или разрушения чему-либо
    The river flooded and wreaked havoc on the towns situated on its banks.
  • wring (someone's) hand
    долго не выпускать чью-либо руку
    I hadn't seen Tim for ages, and when we met he stood wringing my hand for a long time.
  • wring (someone's) neck
    быть очень сердитым на кого-либо (желать свернуть шею)
    I was ready to wring Samantha's neck for having spoilt my holiday.
  • wring one's hands
    беспокоиться, расстраиваться
    Linda didn't go to bed that night; she was wringing her hands, waiting for her husband's return from a yacht trip.
  • write off
    списывать со счёта, вычёркивать долг
    This machine was worn out, so we decided to write it off.
  • write off (a loan/debt)
    списывать со счёта, вычёркивать долг
    The bank had to write off Mr. Parker's debt because he had gone bankrupt.
  • write up
    написать, описать
    Reporters from a lot of newspapers came to the Winter Olympics to write up the events.
  • written all over (someone's) face
    на лице написано, на лице ясно отражено (какое-либо чувство, состояние)
    The fact that my younger sister had eaten all the sweets was written all over her face.
  • wrong side of the tracks
    бедная часть города, неприглядная сторона чего-либо
    Stella was raised on the wrong side of the tracks.