Идиомы на букву W

  • wine and dine (someone)
    щедро угощать кого-либо
    When Tom's relatives come on a visit, he has to wine and dine them.
  • wing it
    делать всё возможное в трудной ситуации
    I was not prepared to talk to the boss, but I had to wing it.
  • wing smth.
    действовать без подготовки
    I was not prepared to talk to the boss, so I had to wing it.
  • wink at (something)
    смотреть сквозь пальцы на что-либо
    A judge must never wink at any law-breaking.
  • winning streak
    несколько побед подряд
    The baseball team extended their winning streak to six.
  • wipe (someone's) slate clean
    исправиться, начать с начала, исправить прошлые ошибки
    Scot had been in prison for a few years, and then he was able to wipe his slate clean and start over.
  • wipe off
    She wiped off her drawing from the board.
  • wipe out
    уничтожить полностью
    The woman put some poison all over the kitchen floor to wipe out the cockroaches.
  • wipe the floor with (someone)
    избить кого-либо
    Rick was ready to wipe the floor with the man who had insulted him.
  • wise guy
    умный малый
    I don't think Mike is a wise guy, but he tries to act as if he were smarter than other people.
  • wise up to
    начать понимать
    At last I wised up to the fact that the company wasn't going to pay me more.
  • wisecrack
    остроумное или саркастическое замечание
    The speaker kept up a steady stream of wisecracks during his speech.
  • wishful thinking
    стремление видеть всё таким, как хочется, самообольщение
    "It is your wishful thinking that David cares for you; I know for sure he doesn't."
  • wishy-washy
    Jonny is very wishy-washy and he won't be able to support us.
  • with a heavy heart
    с тяжёлым сердцем
    I told my friend about the accident with a heavy heart.
  • with a jaundiced eye
    (видеть что-либо) в искажённом виде
    Mr. Smith is clever, but unfortunately he sees everything with a jaundiced eye.
  • with a vengeance
    решительно и со рвением
    I stayed away from my job for a month and then after a long break I started it again with a vengeance.
  • with all one's heart (and soul)
    всей душой, охотно, искренне
    Lucy is a wonderful woman; I admire her with all my heart and soul.
  • with all the fixings
    гарнир, всевозможное дополнение к основному блюду
    In this cafe they serve meals with all the fixings.
  • with an eye to (doing something)
    с намерением делать что-либо
    Sam Willows bought a big apartment house with an eye to renting it tenants.
  • with an eye/view to (doing something)
    с намерением, с целью (сделать что-либо)
    I bought a tent and a sleeping bag with an eye to using it for camping out.
  • with ease
    с лёгкостью, непринуждённо
    Adam answered all the questions with ease.
  • with every (other) breath
    (постоянно) говорить, повторять что-либо
    My mother always tells me with every other breath not to come home late.
  • with everything (on it)
    со всем, что прилагается к этому
    I was hungry, so I ordered a sandwich with everything on it.
  • with flying colors
    с огромным успехом
    Victor was able to finish the race with flying colors.
  • with hat in hand
    униженно, смиренно
    I was about to come to my friend with hat in hand to ask him to forgive me.
  • with impunity
    Young Steve was sure he could do anything he wanted with impunity.
  • with it
    быть предупреждённым, хорошо осведомлённым
    The drug dealer was really with it when he hastily left the town.
  • with no strings attached
    без каких-либо обязательств
    My friend gave me his laptop to use with no strings attached.
  • with one hand/both hands tied behind one's back
    справиться успешно, без усилий
    John knows computers as the palm of his hand, and he fixed my computer with both hands tied behind his back.
  • with one's tail between one's legs
    испугаться или струсить, "поджать хвост"
    The boss told Mike to get out, and the latter left the office with his tail between his legs.
  • with one/both hand(s) tied behind one's back
    легко, без усилий
    John knows computers as the palm of his hand, and he fixed my computer with both hands tied behind his back.
  • with open arms
    тепло, радостно встречать кого-либо; встречать с распростертыми объятиями
    My friends were happy to see me and they greeted me with open arms.
  • with relish
    с наслаждением
    I was very hungry and ate my food with relish.
  • with respect to (something)
    относительно чего-либо, что касается
    The letter was undated with respect to the time and place.