Идиомы на букву W

  • when the chips are down
    (быть) в трудной ситуации (chips – жетоны в казино)
    Sam is not a loser, and when the chips are down, he is always able to find a way out.
  • when the going gets tough (the tough get going)
    когда ситуация усложняется
    When the going gets tough, my father is always there to help me.
  • when the time is ripe
    когда приходит время
    I decided to tell my mother about my engagement when the time was ripe.
  • where one is coming from
    выражать свою точку зрения
    When Hillary started to talk rubbish, I didn't understand where she was coming from.
  • whet (someone's) appetite
    возбудить чей-либо интерес, заинтересовать
    I read an article about healthy foods, and it whetted my appetite for more information about the issue.
  • while away the time
    приятно проводить время
    I am going to buy a magazine to while away the time during the trip.
  • whip up
    расшевелить, заставить быть активным
    Marilyn was trying to whip up interest for a dance on Saturday night.
  • whip up (something)
    сделать или приготовить что-либо на скорую руку
    The reporter whipped up a story about the accident; his article will be published in the local paper.
  • whisper sweet nothings in someone's ear
    шептать ласковые, ничего не значащие слова
    Desmond Finch was courteous and pleasant, and he often whispered sweet nothings in her ear.
  • whistle a different tune
    изменить своё отношение, "запеть другую песню"
    Mark announced that all smokers should be expelled from the team, but he whistled a different tune after he had been caught smoking.
  • whistle in the dark
    Ron said he could fight Willy with one hand, but I knew that he was just whistling in the dark.
  • white elephant
    пустая трата денег, обременительное имущество
    That big house of theirs seems to be a white elephant; it isn't worth its keep.
  • white lie
    ложь во спасенье, безобидная ложь
    I didn't want to go out with Arthur, so I told him a white lie about being very busy.
  • white sale
    распродажа постельного белья
    Ms. Mottly often buys things at a white sale to save money.
  • white-tie event/affair
    официальное мероприятие
    William was invited to attend a white-tie event in honor of the president of the company.
  • whitewash (something)
    стараться истолковывать что-либо благоприятно, обелить что-либо
    The showman was accused of trying to whitewash the outrageous behavior of one of the pop singers.
  • whole ball of wax/shooting match
    всё вместе, целиком
    I decided to finish redecorating the apartment with the whole ball of wax.
  • whole new ball game
    совершенно новые обстоятельства
    The investigation became a whole new ball game when some new circumstances had arisen.
  • whole show
    "Don't try to run the whole show; you are not the boss here."
  • whoop it up
    шуметь, буянить
    The players were whooping it up after winning the match.
  • wide of the mark
    не по существу, неверно, некстати, далеко от цели
    Jane spoke to the manager, but his answer was a little wide of the mark.
  • wild about (someone or something)
    быть в восторге от кого-либо \ чего-либо, быть полным энтузиазма
    The students were wild about the excursion to the Field Museum.
  • wild goose chase
    бессмысленная погоня или сумасбродная затея
    Jealousy sent Rena on a wild goose chase of a mysterious woman who had been seen entering her husband's office.
  • wild horses could not drag (someone away)
    ничто не может заставить кого-либо оторваться от что-либо
    Wild horses could not drag Emily away from her favorite computer game.
  • wildcat strike
    стихийная забастовка
    The factory workers have gone on a wildcat strike, but the union is going to stop it.
  • will not hear of (something)
    не разрешать, не принимать во внимание
    Leila wants to go to a disco tonight, but her mother will not hear of it.
  • will power
    сила воли
    He must have very strong will power to be able to do this unpleasant job.
  • win (someone's) heart
    добиться чьей-либо любви, расположения
    "If you want to win Leona's heart, you should be kind and caring to her."
  • win (someone) over
    склонить на свою сторону, расположить к себе
    William won the English teacher over and she allowed him to stay away from classes for a few days.
  • win (something) hands down
    выиграть с лёгкостью, шутя одержать победу
    The tennis player won the game hands down.
  • win by a neck
    немного опередить (досл. опередить на голову)
    The ski race was very close, but at the end a young skier pulled ahead and won by a neck.
  • win by a nose
    незначительно опередить
    Jeremy was about to get the job, but Lionel won him by a nose.
  • win out (over someone or something)
    добиться успеха, выиграть процесс
    The lawsuit lasted a long time, but we finally won it out.
  • wind down
    сократить или уменьшить
    At the end of summer shops begin to wind down their stock of summer clothes.
  • wind up
    заканчивать, прекращать
    Jim followed the path to the right and wound up where he started.