Идиомы на букву W

  • waste one's breath
    напрасно тратить слова, говорить попусту
    I felt I was wasting my breath, trying to convince Wanda not to quit her job.
  • watch (someone or something) like a hawk
    зорко следить за кем-либо, не спускать глаз
    "You've got to watch these guys like a hawk; they are not reliable."
  • Watch it!
    будь осторожен
    "Watch it! Don't hit your head on the low ceiling."
  • watch one's mouth/tongue
    не быть грубым, следить за своим языком
    "Look here, Adam! Why don't you ever watch your tongue? Why are you always rude to me?"
  • watch one's P's and Q's
    хорошо себя вести, быть вежливым
    The mother warned her children to watch their P's and Q's while staying at their grandparents.
  • watch one's step
    соблюдать осторожность, "держать ухо востро"
    You should watch your step with the new manager; she is a very sensitive person.
  • watch out for (someone or something)
    караулить, охранять кого-либо \ что-либо
    "Please watch out for the children when you go bathing in the lake."
  • watch over (someone or something)
    следить за, контролировать кого-либо \ что-либо
    The duty of museum guards is to carefully watch over the world-famous paintings.
  • water (something) down
    сглаживать, смягчать
    His story was watered down by making the details less vivid.
  • water under the bridge
    прошлого не воротишь
    "I can see how upset you are because of the divorce, but it is water under the bridge now and you can't do anything about it."
  • wax and wane
    то возрастать, то убывать
    Linda's desire to learn French is always waxing and waning.
  • way the wind blows
    понимать, как обстоят дела; знать, откуда ветер дует
    Most senators try to discover which way the wind blows in their home state before voting on bills in Congress.
  • way to (someone's) heart
    путь к чьему-либо сердцу
    They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
  • ways and means
    способы и средства, пути и способы изыскания денежных средств
    The teenagers were trying to think of ways and means to go camping for the weekend.
  • WC
    Water Closet - ватер клозет, туалет
    There are several WC in the park.
  • wear and tear
    износ, порча
    There was no money for replacement on the wear and tear on their supposedly very much injured property.
  • wear down
    изнашиваться, стираться
    My heels are all worn down; I need to buy new shoes.
  • wear more than one hat
    иметь несколько обязанностей, совмещать обязанности
    I have no desire to wear more than one hat in our office.
  • wear off/away
    смягчаться, проходить, исчезать
    The novelty of the news had worn off by now.
  • wear on (someone)
    сердить или раздражать кого-либо
    Having to keep the child in bed when he is ill, wears on his mother.
  • wear one's heart on one's sleeve
    выставлять свои чувства на показ
    Jeremy was not going to wear his heart on his sleeve when he went to that last meeting.
  • wear out
    износиться, изнашиваться
    Cheap clothes soon wear out.
  • wear out one's welcome
    надоедать кому-либо визитами
    Serge has worn out his welcome, and I don't want to see him any more.
  • wear the pants in one's family
    быть главой семьи, верховодить в доме
    Mr. Parker talks a lot, but it is Mrs. Parker who really wears the pants in their family.
  • wear thin
    изнашиваться, становиться тоньше
    I like my old jeans, but they have worn thin at the knees.
  • weasel out of (something)
    устраниться, уклоняться от чего-либо
    I have no wish to stay at work after office hours; I'd rather weasel out of the job they want me to do.
  • weather permitting
    при благоприятной погоде
    Weather permitting, we can keep our windows open all day long.
  • weave in and out (of something)
    двигаться, обходя что-либо; объезжать
    Richard was in a great hurry, so he was weaving in and out of the traffic.
  • weed out (someone or something)
    убрать не нужное, избавиться от кого-либо \ чего-либо
    I decided to weed out my library because there were too many old books in it.
  • week in, week out
    неделя за неделей
    Week in, week out Jimmy was trying to get a good job.
  • weigh down on (someone)
    угнетать, тяготить, беспокоить кого-либо
    A huge debt weighed down on George for several months.
  • weigh on (someone's) mind
    угнетать кого-либо, беспокоить, тяготить
    I was to take entrance exams in summer and this fact was weighing on my mind.
  • weigh on/upon (someone)
    беспокоить, расстраивать кого-либо, висеть грузом на ком-либо
    Sadness weighed on Agnes's heart when her puppy died.
  • weigh one's words
    взвешивать свои слова
    When Professor Smith talked to the students about becoming doctors, he spoke slowly, weighing his words.
  • welcome (someone) with open arms
    радушно приветствовать, встречать с распростертыми объятиями
    They welcomed the delegation with open arms.