Идиомы на букву A

  • as cool as a cucumber
    My friend Eric is as cool as a cucumber; he never gets upset.
  • as crazy as a bedbug
    My old aunt Polly is as crazy as a bedbug.
  • as crazy as a loon
    My next door neighbor, Miss Darling, is as crazy as a loon.
  • as crooked as a dog's hind leg
    нечестный, бессовестный
    I dislike Jeremy Stuart; he turned out to be as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
  • as dead as a dodo
    мёртвый (как вымершая птица дронт)
    A car hit a cat, and it was as dead as a dodo after the accident.
  • as drunk as a skunk
    очень пьяный, "пьян в стельку"
    The bartender refused to sell Jonny any alcohol because he was as drunk as a skunk.
  • as dry as a bone
    очень сухой, высохший; (сухой как кость)
    During the drought the land became as dry as a bone.
  • as easy as ABC
    очень легко
    It is not difficult for most children to learn how to use a cell phone; actually it is as easy as ABC.
  • as easy as apple pie
    очень легко \ лёгкий
    My History exam was as easy as apple pie.
  • as easy as duck soup
    очень легко, без усилий
    Persuading my father to buy a new computer was as easy as duck soup.
  • as far as
    насколько (я знаю, понимаю)
    As far as I know, the Morgans left the town long ago.
  • as far as possible
    на сколько возможно
    "I'll do everything to rescue the girl; I'll go as far as possible".
  • as fat as a pig
    жирный как свинья
    "If you go on eating as much as you do now, you'll be as fat as a pig."
  • as flat as a pancake
    очень плоский (как блин)
    The early people believed that the Earth was as flat as a pancake.
  • as free as a bird
    свободный как птица
    I am through with my exams, and now I am as free as a bird.
  • as full/tight as a tick
    переполненный едой или питьём
    The man was as full as a tick after a large meal at supper.
  • as gaudy as a butterfly
    слишком яркий (как бабочка)
    I don't quite like this dress; it's as gaudy as a butterfly.
  • as gentle as a lamb
    нежный, ласковый
    Marion is as gentle as a lamb when she is with her baby daughter.
  • as good as one's word
    быть верным своему слову
    Never give a promise which you are not able to keep; be as good as your word.
  • as graceful as a swan
    грациозный как лебедь
    The ballet dancer was as graceful as a swan.
  • as gruff as a bear
    грубый, неприветливый
    Oliver Schmidt is always as gruff as a bear, and most of his co-workers dislike him.
  • as happy as a clam
    счастливый и довольный (как двустворчатый моллюск)
    The little boy was as happy as a clam when he was given a new bicycle.
  • as happy as a lark
    очень счастливый, весёлый
    Maria looked as happy as a lark when she got engaged to Mark.
  • as hard as nails
    физически сильный и здоровый (человек); грубый, жёсткий
    He is as hard as nails, and it is difficult to deal with him.
  • as hoarse as a crow
    I had to talk very much that day and was as hoarse as a crow by the evening.
  • as hungry as a bear
    голодный как волк
    I was as hungry as a bear that afternoon, and I told my mother that I could eat a horse.
  • as innocent as a lamb
    невинный, наивный
    Sara is as innocent as a lamb; she still believes that all people are kind and generous.
  • as long as
    если, при условии
    I can let you have my umbrella as long as you can promise not to lose it.
  • as luck would have it
    As luck would have it, I met Hillary outside the cafe. I hadn't seen her for ages..
  • as mad as a hornet
    очень злой (как оса)
    My brother got as mad as a hornet when he learnt that I had lost his disks.
  • as mad as a wet hen
    Peter suspected that Joanna had deceived him and was as mad as a wet hen.
  • as meek as a lamb
    послушный, кроткий как ягнёнок
    On the surface Kelly is as meek as a lamb, but I know that actually she is naughty and quarrelsome.
  • as merry as a cricket
    весёлый (как сверчок)
    Laura is a sunny person; she is always as merry as a cricket.
  • as naked as a jaybird
    голый, "в чём мать родила"
    Jeremy had a swim in the lake, and when he got out of the water he was as naked as a jaybird.
  • as nervous as a cat
    очень нервный
    The woman was as nervous as a cat when she talked to the bank manager.