Идиомы на букву A

  • as nutty as a fruitcake
    сумасшедший, выживший из ума
    Dora is nutty as a fruitcake; she is irrational and crazy.
  • as old as the hills
    очень старый
    I decided not to buy that house because it looked as old as the hills.
  • as one
    все как один
    The audience stood up as one and began to applaud the actors.
  • as phony as a three-dollar bill
    фальшивый, поддельный (как трёхдолларовая купюра)
    The woman, who was raising money for a children's playground, seemed to be as phony as a three-dollar bill.
  • as plain as the nose on one's face
    совершенно очевидно
    The cause of the accident was clearly evident; it was as plain as the nose on my face.
  • as poor as a church mouse
    бедный как церковная мышь
    Cathy can't afford a new car; she is as poor as a church mouse.
  • as proud as a peacock
    очень гордый
    Ms. Bobtail's son was a good musician, and she was as proud as a peacock of him.
  • as quiet as a mouse
    тихий как мышь, робкий
    The child was playing with her toys and was as quiet as a mouse.
  • as red as a cherry
    ярко-красный (как вишня)
    Sara wore bright red sandals and her dress was as red as a cherry.
  • as red as a lobster
    красный (как рак)
    When Sandra came home from the beach, she was as red as a lobster after sitting in the sun too much.
  • as red as a poppy
    ярко-красный (как мак)
    I fell down the stairs, and the mark on my knee was as red as a poppy.
  • as red as a rose
    красный как роза (интенсивный красный)
    The man's nose was as red as a rose from intensive drinking.
  • as red as a ruby
    красный (рубиновый оттенок)
    Marion likes deep red and her lips are usually as red as a ruby.
  • as red as blood
    красный как кровь
    I spilled red ink on the table and the stain was as red as blood.
  • as scarce as hen's teeth
    редко встречающийся или не существующий
    In summer cheap hotels everywhere are as scarce as hen's teeth.
  • as scarce as hen's teeth/scarcer than hen's teeth
    скудный или несуществующий
    Good hotels in this small town were as scarce as hen's teeth.
  • as scared as a rabbit
    пугливый как заяц
    The little boy became as scared as a rabbit when he saw that he was surrounded by strangers.
  • as sick as a dog
    очень больной
    Yates was shivering with cold and looked as sick as a dog.
  • as silly as a goose
    очень глупый
    No wonder nobody takes Julia seriously; she is as silly as a goose.
  • as slippery as an eel
    скользкий как угорь, увёртливый, изворотливый
    Paul is as slippery as an eel, and I am sure he cannot be trusted.
  • as sly as a fox
    хитрый как лиса
    Our neighbor Miss Cunning is as sly as a fox.
  • as snug as a bug in a rug
    очень уютный
    I wrapped myself into a big warm comforter and felt as snug as a bug in a rug.
  • as sober as a judge
    (быть) трезвым как стёклышко
    When the traffic police stopped Mike, he swore he was as sober as a judge.
  • as soft as a baby's bottom
    очень мягкий и гладкий (как кожа младенца)
    My fleece jacket is as soft as a baby's bottom.
  • as soft as down
    мягкий как пух
    The little girl's fair hair was as soft as down.
  • as sound as a dollar
    надёжный как доллар
    My father's company is very secure and dependable; in fact it is as sound as a dollar.
  • as sour as vinegar
    угрюмый, неприветливый, (кислый как уксус)
    Mr. Fiber is not at all friendly; he is as sour as vinegar.
  • as strong as a horse/lion/ox
    сильный как бык
    Collin is as strong as an ox; he is the strongest among his friends.
  • as stubborn as a mule
    упрямый, как осёл
    If a person is as stubborn as a mule, it's impossible to make him change his mind.
  • as such
    как таковой, в таком виде
    "As such, I can't possibly sign your application. You'll have to re-write it".
  • as sweet as honey/sugar
    сладкий как сахар, сладкий как мёд
    Melanie's conversation is as sweet as honey, but I can't very well believe her.
  • as the crow flies
    напрямик, кратчайшим путём (так же прямо, как летит птица)
    As the crow flies, it is not more than three miles between his house and the station.
  • as thick as pea soup
    очень густой (как гороховый суп)
    The fog that day was as thick as pea soup and it caused my accidents.
  • as ugly as a toad
    некрасивый, страшный как жаба
    Pam had a flat nose with wide nostrils, small beady eyes and a double chin and looked as ugly as a toad.
  • as usual
    как обычно
    As usual, at the theatre they prefer to sit in the front rows.