Идиомы на букву A

  • as warm as toast
    очень тёплый и уютный
    I have a very cozy bed; it is as warm as toast.
  • as weak as a kitten
    очень слабый, тщедушный
    Anne recovered from her illness but was as weak as a kitten.
  • as well as
    тоже, также как
    Kevin bought a thick magazine as well as several books to while away the time during the journey.
  • as white as a ghost
    бледный как смерть (как призрак)
    Pam looked as white as a ghost after her illness.
  • as white as a sheet
    бледный как полотно
    When they told Pauline about the accident, she became as white as a sheet.
  • as white as the driven snow
    белый как снег
    The sheets on the bed were as white as the driven snow.
  • as wild as a tiger
    очень дикий
    The dog was as wild as a tiger and he didn't allow anybody to touch him.
  • as wise as an owl
    очень мудрый (как сова)
    I often ask my Granny's advise because she is as wise as an owl.
  • as yet
    до настоящего времени
    As yet, we know nothing about his intentions.
  • ASAP
    As Soon As Possible - как можно скорее
    My boss left a note on my computer, "Please complete the rough copy of the letter and give it to me ASAP."
  • ask (someone) out
    назначать свидание
    After a good deal of hesitation John finally asked Mary out.
  • ask for someone's hand in marriage
    просить чей-либо руки, делать предложение
    Harold was not yet sure whether to ask for Marion's hand in marriage or not.
  • ask for the moon
    желать недостижимого
    You will never get what you want, so it's no use asking for the moon.
  • ask for trouble
    напрашиваться на неприятности
    "Leave me alone; you are asking for trouble."
  • asleep at the switch
    не распознать ситуацию, упустить удобный случай
    I suppose Emma was asleep at the switch. She missed her chance of getting a promotion.
  • assault and battery
    нападение с причинением увечья
    Several men were arrested for assault and battery after the fight in the park.
  • assault the ears
    быть очень громким, "бить по ушам"
    Our neighbors always play very loud music, and it assaults the ears.
  • assemble a case (against someone)
    собрать доказательства против кого-либо
    There was not enough evidence, so the prosecution was unable to assemble a case against the man.
  • assume liability
    принимать на себя ответственность за понесённые убытки
    The construction company refused to assume liability for damaging the house by incautious actions.
  • at (someone's) beck and call
    быть на побегушках у кого-либо
    Cinderella was at her step-mother's beck and call.
  • at (someone's) earliest convenience
    для чьего-либо или для собственного удобства (по первому зову)
    "I will visit you at your earliest convenience, I promise."
  • at (someone's) service
    к услугам кого-либо, в чьём-то распоряжении
    If you stay at a good hotel, all the members of the staff will be at your service day and night.
  • at a loss
    меньше, чем стоимость; финансовая потеря
    A lot of things were on sale but at a loss that's why the prices were very low.
  • at a loss (for words)
    не находить нужных слов
    All of a sudden Jim started to insult me, and I was at a loss for words to talk back.
  • at a premium
    более высокая цена (за уникальность)
    The tickets for the first night performance were selling at a premium.
  • at a sitting
    в один приём, за один раз
    The cake was so tasty that we finished all of it at a sitting.
  • at a stretch
    непрерывно, подряд
    It is very seldom that I can enjoy my holiday for three weeks at a stretch.
  • at all costs
    любой ценой
    He was determined to secure his treasures at all costs.
  • at any rate
    во всяком случае
    "At any rate, Peter was able to prove his innocence".
  • at arm's length
    сделка (на расстоянии) через посредника
    I bought an apartment at arm's length and was not involved in any management decisions.
  • at bay
    на расстоянии
    Anna doesn't like Jake; she intends to keep him at bay.
  • at best
    в лучшем случае
    My teacher told me that I had two weeks at best in which to finish writing my essay.
  • at cross-purposes
    разные цели
    It seems my friend and her husband are at cross-purposes; they often argue about everything.
  • at death's door
    на пороге смерти
    It was only at death's door that Timothy could confess his fault.
  • at each other's throats
    драться, спорить всё время (брать друг друга за горло)
    The husband and wife argue a lot and are always at each other's throats.