Идиомы на букву A

  • at the drop of a hat
    тотчас же, спонтанно
    When my friend wants my assistance, I help him at the drop of a hat.
  • at the eleventh hour
    в самый последний момент
    Aunt Maria was in a great hurry, and she remembered to lock the door at the eleventh hour.
  • at the end of one's rope
    быть на пределе своих возможностей
    Celia was at the end of her rope; she didn't know how to cope with her current situation at work.
  • at the end of the day
    принимая всё во внимание
    At the end of the day, he felt it was impossible to go on with his work.
  • at the expense of (someone or something)
    за счёт чего-либо, кого-либо
    Samuel Potter has become a talented musician, but only at the expense of his health.
  • at the hands of (someone or something)
    со стороны кого-либо \ чего-либо, от руки кого-либо
    I am sure the woman deserves better life at the hands of Fate.
  • at the latest
    не позднее чем
    The students are to hand in their term papers in a week at the latest.
  • at the mercy of (the court/someone)
    в полной власти, не имея защиты против (кого-либо \ чего-либо)
    The sea was stormy and the ship was at the mercy of the huge waves.
  • at the present time
    сейчас, в настоящее время
    Bill was ill for three weeks, but at the present time he is doing fine.
  • at the top of one's lungs
    (кричать) очень громко; во всё горло
    I saw my friend on the other side of the road and yelled at the top of my lungs to attract his attention.
  • at the top of the hour
    в самом начале часа (12:00, 1:00, и т.д.)
    The radio announcer delivered the news at the top of the hour.
  • at this juncture
    в настоящее время, теперь
    At this juncture, there was no sense to go on with negotiations.
  • at this stage of the game
    в момент какого-либо события, в разгар чего-либо
    At this stage of the game it is quite impossible to change our plans.
  • at times
    временами, время от времени
    Generally John is quite a cheerful kid though at times he seems to be somewhat sad.
  • at will
    по желанию, свободно
    At home the children were allowed to do what they wanted at will.
  • attend to (someone or something)
    уделять внимание, заботиться, ухаживать за больным
    The patient has three nurses attending to her.
  • attract (someone's) attention
    привлекать (чьё-либо) внимание
    A car standing near the curb attracted my attention.
  • attracted to (someone)
    почувствовать влечение к кому-либо
    As soon as Robert saw Linda, he got immediately attracted to her.
  • augur well for (someone or something)
    предсказывать, предвещать что-то хорошее
    The thriving business is a good thing; it augurs well for the company.
  • avail oneself of (something)
    воспользоваться чем-либо
    You should avail yourself of every opportunity to practice the piano.
  • avenue of escape
    дорога к отступлению, нет пути назад
    I had given my word of honor, and there was no avenue of escape.
  • avoid (someone or something) like the plague
    бежать от кого-либо, как от чумы; избегать, сторониться
    Carry was afraid of the man; she tried to avoid him like the plague.
  • AWOL
    Absent Without Leave - самоволка (отсутствие без увольнительной)
    One of the soldiers had gone AWOL and the military police were looking for him.