Идиомы на букву H

  • hell and high water
    испытать неприятности и трудности;
    The life-guards went through hell and high water trying to save the people in the rough sea.
  • high and dry
    отвергнутый, покинутый
    Joe had been working for their firm for many years, but they left him high and dry when they moved the business to Spain.
  • high and low
    везде, повсюду
    I was looking high and low for my car keys, but then I remember that my son had taken my car to work.
  • high life
    роскошная жизнь
    Ms. Bonfire had been living the high life when her husband left her for a younger woman.
  • high man on the totem pole
    глава организации
    My husband is the high man on the totem pole in his office.
  • high on (something)
    быть одурманенным чем-либо
    When the police finally arrested him, the young man was high on cocaine.
  • high seas
    открытое море, океан
    Captain Alison likes to sail on the high seas.
  • high-and-mighty
    высокомерный, надменный
    Zena always acts high-and-mighty as if she were the boss.
  • high-handed
    любящий распоряжаться, властный
    A teacher shouldn't take a high-handed approach when dealing with her pupils.
  • hit the high spots
    затрагивать, рассматривать лишь самое важное
    "I want you to hit the high spots in your speech and talk only about important matters."
  • hold (someone) in high regard
    относиться к кому-либо с большим уважением
    All of the patients in the hospital hold the chief doctor in high regard.
  • hunt high and low for (someone or something)
    искать везде кого-либо \ что-либо
    I have been hunting high and low for a good English textbook. Alas! I was out of luck.