Идиомы на букву H

  • have a hold on (someone)
    иметь сильное влияние на кого-либо
    The instructor had a very strong hold on the members of the group.
  • hold (someone's) attention
    удерживать чьё-либо внимание
    This actor is able to hold the attention of the audience for several hours.
  • hold (someone's) hand
    держать кого-либо за руку (чтобы не было страшно)
    My daughter is afraid of injections and I have to hold her hand in the doctor's surgery.
  • hold (someone) down
    препятствовать чьему-либо успеху
    "I do not intend to hold you down; in fact I want you to succeed."
  • hold (someone) hostage
    держать кого-либо в заложниках
    The hijackers were holding the passengers of the plane hostage.
  • hold (someone) in high regard
    относиться к кому-либо с большим уважением
    All of the patients in the hospital hold the chief doctor in high regard.
  • hold (something) against (someone)
    упрекать \ винить кого-либо за что-либо
    I lost my business because of my partner so I can't but hold it against him.
  • hold (something) back
    удерживать в тайне, не разглашать
    I tried to hold the news about the accident back, but the information reached his parents almost at once.
  • hold a candle to (someone or something)
    не идти ни в какое сравнение с кем-либо\ чем-либо; играть подчинённую роль
    Their new house can't hold a candle to their old one. It is bigger and more beautiful.
  • hold a grudge against (someone)
    держать зло на кого-либо, "иметь зуб на кого-либо"
    My partner decived me, and I have been holding a grudge against him ever since.
  • hold a meeting
    устраивать собрание
    It was announced that the apartment owners would hold a meeting next week.
  • hold all the aces
    иметь хороший шанс, иметь на руках козырную карту
    I am holding all the aces, and I hope to do well in the negotiations.
  • hold all the cards
    быть в выгодной ситуации, иметь преимущества
    I held all the cards and was not afraid of being sacked.
  • hold all the trumps
    иметь хороший шанс, иметь козырную карту
    I am holding all the trumps, and I hope to do well in my business.
  • hold back
    прятать, держать в тайне, задерживать
    When a man is called on to give evidence, he shouldn't hold back anything.
  • hold back (someone)
    сдерживать кого-либо, мешать делать что-либо
    During the anti-war demonstration the police were trying to hold back the crowd of people.
  • hold court
    важничать, вести себя как король \ королева
    Jeremy likes to ride a high horse and he always acts like he is holding court.
  • hold down (someone or something)
    держать под контролем кого-либо \ что-либо; держть в подчинении
    The government in this country is unable to hold down the rate of inflation.
  • hold down a job
    удержаться на работе
    Rick had a serious drinking problem that's why he couldn't hold down a job.
  • hold forth
    The principal held forth a proposal to build a new lab for the chemistry department.
  • hold good
    оставаться в силе, длиться
    The weather was unusually hot that autumn and the demand for air conditioners held good from September till the beginning of November.
  • hold off
    задерживать, откладывать
    Our flight was delayed; it was held off till ten p. m.
  • hold on to (someone or something)
    держаться за кого-либо \ чего-либо
    You ought to hold on to your baggage when you are at the railway station lest someone should steal it.
  • Hold on!
    Подожди минуту! Не клади трубку.
    "Please hold on for a minute. I'll write down your address."
  • hold one's breath
    затаить дыхание
    The little girl held her breath when she saw a beautiful doll in the shop window.
  • hold one's end of the bargain up
    делать свою часть работы согласно уговору
    "You aren't holding your end of the bargain up. You were to have arranged a meeting of the shareholders."
  • hold one's fire
    удерживать аргументы или факты, воздерживаться
    "If I were you, I'd hold your fire and save the information until they are ready to accept our terms."
  • hold one's head up
    иметь чувство собственного достоинства, "высоко держать голову"
    Though John lost his case in court, he didn't lose his dignity and held his head up.
  • hold one's horses
    ждать, быть терпеливым, "попридержи коней"
    "Hold your horses!" Mr. Smith said to Ron when the latter said he would call the police.
  • hold one's nose
    неохотно соглашаться
    My boss asked me to stay after office hours and I had to hold my nose though I had other fish to fry that evening.
  • hold one's own (in an argument)
    отстаивать свою позицию
    I can always defend my position; I am able to hold my own in any dispute.
  • hold one's peace
    помалкивать, "держать язык за зубами"
    She is not able to hold her peace; she blurts out everybody's secrets.
  • hold one's tongue
    промолчать, "придержать язык"
    "If my father asks you about me, please hold your tongue."
  • hold out (one's hand)
    протягивать (руку)
    Mirna held out her hand to get hold of the rope.
  • hold out for (something)
    настаивать на получении чего-либо
    They are holding out for a salary increase.