Идиомы на букву H

  • hard-nosed
    упрямый, непримиримый
    I told my husband to take a hard-nosed position while selling our house.
  • have a nose for (something)
    иметь нюх на что-либо
    Peter had a nose for finding cheap computer disks.
  • have one's nose in (something)
    совать нос во что-либо
    "Look here, Ann! I hate to have your nose in my business. Please, abate your curiosity."
  • have one's nose in the air
    важничать, "задирать нос"
    I don't think much of Gina; she is very conceited and has her nose in the air.
  • have one's nose to the grindstone
    усердно работать, быть занятым чем-либо
    Jack has his nose to the grindstone; he is working hard at his thesis.
  • hold one's nose
    неохотно соглашаться
    My boss asked me to stay after office hours and I had to hold my nose though I had other fish to fry that evening.