Идиомы на букву H

  • hard feelings
    горькие, злые чувства
    Even though my sister and I quarreled I don't have any hard feelings toward her.
  • hard nut to crack
    трудная задача; человек, с которым трудно справиться, "крепкий орешек"
    Felix is a hard nut to crack that's why he hasn't any friends at the University.
  • hard of hearing
    плохо слышащий
    My grandfather, who is nearly ninety, is almost blind and hard of hearing.
  • hard on (someone or something)
    плохо обращаться с кем-либо \ чем-либо
    Mike is very hard on his son.
  • hard on (someone's) heels
    идти вплотную за кем-либо, идти по пятам
    My dog is a bit of a coward, and he is always hard on my heels.
  • hard sell
    навязывать покупку
    The sales person gave us a hard sell on the new computer so we decided not to buy it from him.
  • hard to call
    трудно решить, определить что-либо
    The marathon was hard to call, and nobody knew who was going to win.
  • hard to stomach (someone or something)
    трудно вытерпеть (кого-либо \ что-либо)
    I find some of my colleagues and their attitude to work hard to stomach.
  • hard up
    быть в затруднительном финансовом положении
    I am not surprised that Paul is hard up for money again. He is such a spendthrift.
  • hard-and-fast rule
    неприрекаемое \ неизменное правило
    There is a hard-and-fast rule that says you can't use a cell phone during the flight.
  • hard-nosed
    упрямый, непримиримый
    I told my husband to take a hard-nosed position while selling our house.
  • hard-pressed
    испытывающий нехватку времени, обременённый срочной работой
    Jimmy was hard-pressed for time that's why he couldn't go out with his girl friend that day.
  • hit (someone) hard
    задевать кого-либо эмоционально, сказываться на
    The murder of the woman's husband hit her very hard.