Идиомы на букву H

  • have (someone's) ear
    заставить кого-либо выслушать, добиться чьего-либо благосклонного внимания
    Maria was able to have the manager's ear and he is eager to help her anytime.
  • have (something) coming out of one's ears
    иметь изобилие чего-либо
    "I don't want you to buy any more notebooks; we have them coming out of our ears."
  • have an ear for (something)
    иметь (музыкальный) слух
    Nora has an ear for languages; she can speak Chinese, Japanese and a few other languages.
  • have an ear out for (something)
    уметь слушать что-либо, прислушиваться к чему-либо
    Della had an ear out for any business opportunities that might come along.
  • have nothing between the ears
    быть глупым
    Sara seems to have nothing between the ears as she often makes silly mistakes.
  • have one's ear to the ground
    слушать совета или предугадывать что-либо
    The secretary always has her ear to the ground to watch for possible loss of documents.