Идиомы на букву H

  • have a good eye for (something)
    уметь правильно судить о чём-либо, иметь хороший вкус
    I asked my friend to help me buy a winter coat as she has a good eye for clothes.
  • have an eye for (something)
    знать толк в чём-либо, быть ценителем чего-либо
    She has an eye for precious stones.
  • have an eye on (someone or something)
    положить глаз на кого-либо \ что-либо
    Ivory had an eye on a beautiful cat which he would like to buy.
  • have eyes in the back of one's head
    не видеть, но чувствовать, что происходит; "иметь глаза на затылке"
    I don't have eyes in the back of my head; I am not able to understand what's going on if I can't see.
  • have one's eye on (someone or something)
    присмотреть что-либо, положить глаз на кого-либо
    I went shopping for clothes and had an eye on a nice pair of jeans.
  • have one's eyes glued to (something)
    пристально следить за чем-либо, смотреть на что-либо
    The football fans had their eyes glued to the television screen as a football match was being broadcast.
  • have stars in one's eyes
    глаза сверкают от счастья
    The figure skater had stars in his eyes when he won a gold medal at the Olympics.
  • Here's mud in your eye.
    За наше здоровье! (тост)
    "Here's mud in your eye," the man said and raised his wineglass.
  • hit (someone) right between the eyes
    произвести сильное впечатление на кого-либо
    Her unbelievable attire hit me right between the eyes.