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  • no spring chicken
    (человек) не первой молодости
    "If I were you, I wouldn't work so much. Don't forget you are no spring chicken."
  • No sweat!
    не трудно
    "It is no sweat for me to help you clean up your kitchen."
  • no trespassing
    не нарушать чужое право владения
    There was a 'no trespassing' sign on the gate of the private property.
  • no two ways about (something)
    об этом не может быть двух мнений
    "There are no two ways about it; you are to consult a doctor and do it immediately."
  • no wonder
    не удивительно
    Sally went to a night club and came home early in the morning; no wonder she is tired and sleepy.
  • no-brainer
    легко понять, не требуется особых доказательств
    It is no-brainer that if you do not work hard, you won't make any progress in English.
  • no-show
    не явившийся (человек, который делает заказ, а затем не является за ним)
    If was probably because of the storm that there were many no-shows for a boat trip.
  • no-win situation
    безнадёжная, проигрышная ситуация
    There was not enough money to repair the house; it was a no-win situation from the very beginning.
  • nobody in his/her right mind would do (something)
    никто в здравом уме не сделал бы это
    Nobody in his right mind would have refused to go to Spain for free.
  • nobody's fool
    не глупый человек, не дурак
    "This man Drawling, the solicitor, is nobody's fool; let me tell you this."
  • nobody's home
    рассеянный или недалёкий (человек)
    The man was talking nonsense; he seemed to me like nobody's home.
  • nod off
    задремать (сидя на диване или за рулём)
    Jess nodded off while she was driving and hit a lamppost.
  • none of (someone's) business/beeswax
    не ваше дело, не лезьте не в своё дело
    When Adam started talking about Muriel's personal affairs, she said angrily that it was none of his beeswax.
  • none other than (someone)
    не что иное, как; не кто иной, как
    I went to a party last night and saw none other than Sam Willows whom I hadn't seen for ages.
  • none the wiser
    зная не больше, чем до этого; "не солоно хлебавши"
    Judy and Pat went to see their rich uncle and came back none the wiser.
  • none the worse for wear
    ничуть не хуже
    I looked at my old jeans; they were none the worse for wear even though I have had them for two years.
  • none too (something)
    не слишком (красивый, умный и т.д.)
    Celia was none too smart to try and cheat at the exam.
  • nose (someone) out
    выталкивать кого-либо
    The older boys nosed the younger ones out of the bus.
  • nose about/around (something)
    вынюхивать, любопытствовать
    Miss Millie's companion was nosing around trying to find out where the jewelry was kept.
  • nose into (something)
    лезть не в своё дело
    Helen is a woman who is always nosing into other people's affairs.
  • not (someone's) cup of tea
    не нравиться кому-либо
    Staying alone at home is not my cup of tea; I prefer to have company.
  • not a bit
    Gina has eaten all of the cake; not a bit of it is left on the plate.
  • not a dry eye in the house
    у всех зрителей глаза на мокром месте
    The melodrama was so sad and tearful that there was not a dry eye in the house during the performance.
  • not a lick of work
    ни малейшей работы
    The mother was away all day, and the children didn't do a lick of work about the house.
  • not a living soul
    никто, ни одна живая душа
    There was not a living soul in the house when he came home.
  • not a moment to spare
    ни минуты свободной
    I have been very busy lately with not a moment to spare.
  • not a snowball's chance in hell
    никакого шанса, ни малейшего шанса
    If I thought that I had a snowball's chance in hell to get the job, I would apply for it.
  • not able to call one's time one's own
    быть слишком занятым
    Cora was not able to call her time her own, so busy she was all the week.
  • not able to go on
    не в состоянии продолжать (что-либо делать)
    Ulla felt a lump in her throat and was not able to go on speaking.
  • not able to see the forest for the trees
    из-за деревьев не видеть леса (частное затмевает целое)
    "Why don't you look at the situation as a whole? I think you are not able to see the forest for the trees."
  • not all (someone or something) is cracked up to be
    (не все) не всё так хорошо, как сказано
    The new plumber is not all he is cracked up to be, and the dwellers have a lot of complaints about his work.
  • not all there
    не все дома (о глупом или ненормальном человеке)
    Joe is not all there; he is either a little bit stupid or completely crazy.
  • not at all
    совсем не
    Judd has recently bought a new car, but he is not at all happy with it, I guess.
  • not bat an eye
    не показать признаков нервозности, не реагировать, "глазом не моргнуть"
    When the dog attacked him, he did not bat an eye; he didn't seem to be scared.
  • not bat an eye/eyelid
    никак не реагировать, и глазом не моргнуть
    Len was downright rude to his older brother, but the latter did not bat an eye.