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  • next-door neighbor
    (ближайший) сосед
    My next-door neighbor often helps me to look after the baby when I am out shopping.
  • nice and (some quality)
    хороший, симпатичный и …
    The sofa was nice and comfortable to sit on.
  • nickel and dime (someone)
    постоянно просить у кого-либо денег или тратить небольшие суммы
    My cousin Ben is constantly asking for small sums of money; I am afraid he will nickel and dime me to death.
  • night on the town
    празднование, торжество
    They went out for a night on the town when they were through with the project.
  • night owl
    сова (человек, привыкший ложиться спать поздно)
    I am a night owl and my husband is an early bird.
  • nine times out of ten
    почти всегда, в девяти случаев из десяти
    Nine times out of ten if you have a car problem, it is not very big and it can easily be fixed.
  • nine-day's wonder
    кратковременная сенсация, предмет недолгих толков
    The pop singer was a nine day's wonder and it was not surprising that he was soon forgotten.
  • nine-to-five attitude
    делать что-либо по минимуму, не делать ничего лишнего
    My boss said he didn't like my nine-to-five attitude towards my work, and he asked me to be more active and creative.
  • nine-to-five job
    нормированный рабочий день (с 9 до 5)
    The majority of people prefer to work the regular hours of a nine-to-five-job.
  • nip (something) in the bud
    пресечь в корне
    If you prefer to deal with a problem when it is still small, you should nip it in the bud.
  • nip and tuck
    плечом к плечу; впритык
    For most of the race the two skaters were running nip and tuck, but the younger skater was the first to cross the finish line.
  • no bed of roses
    (не) ложе из роз (о не благоприятной ситуации)
    "I don't think your married life will be a bed of roses."
  • no cigar
    не вышло, не получилось
    I was promised a good job and was about to get it, but unfortunately it was no cigar.
  • no deal
    It was no deal when Ben's project was rejected by his boss.
  • no dice
    ни за что, никогда
    "No dice. I will never let you use my computer."
  • no doubt
    No doubt Emily will get what she wants; she is very persistent.
  • no end
    чрезвычайно, безмерно, в высшей степени
    A box at the opera house costs no end.
  • no end of/to (something)
    бесконечно много, масса, уйма
    Bob had no end of books on art.
  • no flies on (someone)
    быть очень быстрым или очень занятым (весь в движении)
    There are no flies on Theodor. He is always on the move.
  • no go
    ничего не выйдет, этот номер не пройдёт
    "You want to make fun of me, don't you? No go."
  • no great shakes
    ничего особенного, не ахти как хорошо (какой хороший)
    Ron wasn't much of a student, so his knowledge of History was no great shakes.
  • no hard feelings
    без чувства обиды или злости
    "I didn't want to offend you. No hard feelings were meant. Nothing personal."
  • no holds barred
    без ограничения
    There are no holds barred, and the first person to reach the 1 million sales target with get a big bonus!
  • no ifs, ands, or buts about it
    вне всякого сомнения, без возражения
    "Jimmy, you are to see your dentist tomorrow - no ifs, ands, or buts about it."
  • no joke
    серьёзное, не шуточное (дело)
    Keeping crocodile at home as a pet is no joke; it may cause serious problems.
  • no kidding
    без шуток
    "No kidding, is Simon really going to buy a Jaguar?"
  • no laughing matter
    серьёзное, не шуточное дело
    The fire in a two storey house was no laughing matter and was taken very seriously by the firefighters.
  • no love lost between (two people/groups)
    сильная неприязнь или ненависть (двух человек или групп)
    There is no love lost between Clark and Dave; they have had a strong enmity towards each other for a long time.
  • no matter
    не важно
    No matter how hard it snows, I will go skiing in the woods.
  • no matter what happens
    не важно, что случиться; в любом случае
    No matter what happens, we are going fishing on the weekend.
  • no picnic
    не лёгкое дело, не шутка
    It is no picnic trying to convince him that he was not right.
  • no point in (something)
    нет смысла делать что-либо
    There was no point in going to that dull party; we might as well stay at home and watch TV.
  • no skin off (someone's) nose/teeth
    нет дела до чего-либо
    It is no skin off my nose whether or not Leila will get this job.
  • no skin off (someone's) teeth/nose
    не затрагивать (чьих-либо интересов), совсем не беспокоить
    It will be no skin off my nose if Sheila does not go on an excursion with us.
  • no sooner said than done
    сказано - сделано
    Hilda's request for some repairs to her car was no sooner said than done.