Идиомы на букву N

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  • not just a pretty face
    быть умным, а не только красивым
    Sarah is not just a pretty face. She is very intelligent.
  • not know (someone) from Adam
    не иметь ни малейшего представления о ком-либо
    The woman was a complete stranger; I did not know her from Adam.
  • not know beans about (someone or something)
    ничего не знать о ком-либо \ о чём-либо
    I did not know beans about my friend's private life.
  • not know enough to come in out of the rain
    не отличаться смекалкой, быть тупицей
    Some students in this class are not very smart and do not know enough to come in out of the rain.
  • not know if one is coming or going
    не знать, что делать, колебаться
    Jill hesitated whether to accept their invitation or not. I think she does not know if she is coming or going.
  • not know one's own strength
    не рассчитать собственные силы
    George does not know his own strength, and he is sometimes dangerous to play with.
  • not know the first thing about (someone or something)
    не иметь ни малейшего представления о чём-либо
    Hillary did not know the first thing about computers, so she asked her friend to fix it.
  • not know the first thing about something
    не иметь основных знаний о чём-либо
    Jack wants to buy a car, but I am sure he does not know the first thing about cars.
  • not know where to turn
    не знать, что делать; растеряться
    "Oh, this is awful. I do not know where to turn or what to do."
  • not know whether/if one is coming or going
    сбить с толку, привести в замешательство
    I did not know whether I was coming or going after I had received the news of his resignation.
  • not lay a finger/hand on (someone)
    пальцем не трогать кого-либо
    The child's father said he had never laid a finger on his son no matter how badly the latter behaved.
  • not let (someone) catch you (doing something)
    не позволить застать кого-либо за каким-либо занятием
    "Do not let me catch you taking my things without my permission."
  • not lift a finger/hand
    пальцем не пошевелить, палец о палец не ударить
    "You have stirred up trouble, and I am not going to lift a finger to help you out."
  • not lift a finger/hand (to help someone)
    пальцем не пошевелить (чтобы помочь кому-либо)
    He saw that she was suffering, but he did not lift a finger to help her.
  • not long for this world
    быть при смерти
    My old aunt has been suffering from a weak heart, and I think she is not long for this world.
  • not made of money
    (не) иметь много денег
    My daughter asked me to buy her a car, but I told her I am not made of money.
  • not make head nor tail of (something)
    ничего не разобрать, не понять
    Sam could not make head or tail of the lines and dots on the map.
  • not miss much
    ничего не пропускать
    My mother does not miss much, and I should be very careful what I wear for various occasions.
  • not move a muscle
    не двигаться, не шевелиться
    The doctor told the wounded soldier not to move a muscle while he was working on his wound.
  • not much of (something)
    неважный, довольно плохой
    I am not much of a cook; I can only cook jacket potatoes.
  • not on your life
    ни за что в жизни
    "Can I ask for a date?" - "Not on your life."
  • not one iota
    ни капли
    It was absolutely evident that there was not one iota of truth in what the offender was saying.
  • not one's cup of tea
    что-либо, что (не) нравится
    Washing the dishes is not my cup of tea, so I'd rather my sister did it.
  • not one's place
    не чьё-либо дело
    "It is not your place to tell other people how to spend their own money."
  • not open one's mouth
    и рта не раскрыть, ничего не сказать
    Robert was depressed; he did not open his mouth all day.
  • not playing with a full deck
    быть умственно неполноценным
    Everybody in the area knew that Len was not playing with a full deck.
  • not see farther than or past the end of one's nose
    не видеть дальше своего носа
    Lorna can't see past the end of her nose; she doesn't care what is happening to other people.
  • not see past/farther than the end of one's nose
    быть не дальновидным, не видеть дальше своего носа
    Arthur could not see farther than the end of his nose and never planned anything for the future.
  • not set foot (somewhere)
    не идти \ не приезжать (куда-либо)
    Zeya left her native town ages ago, and has not set foot in it ever since.
  • not show one's face
    не появиться, не показаться
    My friend and I had a quarrel the other day, and she said she would not show her face at my place ever never.
  • not sleep a wink
    глаз не сомкнуть
    My next door neighbors were having a party all night and I could not sleep a wink because of loud music.
  • not so hot
    так себе, не ахти как
    The dress my sister had bought at the sale was not so hot.
  • not stand for (something)
    не разрешать, не позволять чего-либо
    The teacher won't stand for cheat sheets being used at the exam.
  • not take no for an answer
    не принимать отказа
    Hilda is not used to taking no for an answer.
  • not tell a (living) soul
    не сказать ни одной живой душе
    Hans promised not to tell a soul about our disagreement.