Идиомы на букву A

  • at ease
    раскованно; свободно; удобно, как дома
    I always feel at ease in the presence of my friends.
  • at every turn
    на каждом шагу, куда не взглянешь
    The streets of the small town were full of cars; there were cars, big and small, at every turn.
  • at face value
    номинальная, реальная стоимость
    Olaf's new car was worth a lot of money at face value.
  • at fault
    быть виновным
    I wondered who was at fault for the loss of valuable books.
  • at first
    вначале, с начала
    At first Ron wanted to go on a river trip with us, but then he changed his mind.
  • at first blush
    на первый взгляд
    At first blush Samuel seemed to be kind and decent, but he turned out to be quite mean.
  • at hand
    близко, под рукой
    There was no dictionary at hand, so I didn't look up the new words.
  • at heart
    в глубине души
    I thought her to be a bit tough, but now I know she is very vulnerable at heart.
  • at home
    "Are you going to be at home tonight? I'd like to come and see you."
  • at it again
    настаивать на своём (ты снова за своё?)
    "Stop being stubborn! You are at it again! I won't have you behave like that."
  • at large
    на свободе
    A wolf escaped from the Zoo and was at large for a couple of days.
  • at last
    I repeated my question several times, and at last the policeman understood it.
  • at least
    по крайней мере
    David bought at least ten books at the bookstore yesterday.
  • at length
    длительное время (говорить долго и детально о чём-то)
    My boss talked at length about my duties, but I stopped listening to him pretty soon.
  • at loggerheads with (someone)
    быть в ссоре с кем
    I was at loggerheads with my parents over my engagement to Lily.
  • at loose ends
    болтаться без дела
    At that time Mike was at loose ends and he agreed to join us.
  • at odds (with someone)
    иметь разногласие, спорить с кем-то
    Joan is difficult to deal with; she is at odds with the whole world.
  • at once
    сразу же, немедленно
    Having learnt the news, Hilda called me at once.
  • at one sitting
    за один присест
    I expected the sausage to last for two meals, but it was eaten at one sitting.
  • at one time
    одно время
    At one time Jim had to combine work and studies at a community college.
  • at one with (someone)
    разделять одни и те же взгляды с кем-либо
    Sam was at one with his wife on everything but money.
  • at one's fingertips
    (знать) как свои пять пальцев
    John has all the facts and figures at his fingertips.
  • at one's heels
    прямо позади, по пятам
    I turned round and saw a man who was close behind me, right at my heels.
  • at one's wit's end
    быть в растерянности; не знать, что делать
    Jack was at his wit's end about what to do with the puppy.
  • at peace
    быть в мире с самим собой, быть счастливым
    The old man looked relaxed and at peace.
  • at random
    наобум, не подумав, не подготовившись
    Greta always buys her clothes at random, that's why she doesn't have anything decent to wear.
  • at risk
    рисковать, быть в опасности
    There was a severe storm on the sea, and the passengers of a small boat were at risk of getting drowned.
  • at sea
    быть/ плавать в море
    My Uncle Jeremy spent most of his life at sea.
  • at sea (about something)
    быть в растерянности
    Looking at the map of London, Sam was at sea; he didn't understand anything on it.
  • at sixes and sevens
    приводить в недоумение, озадачить, поставить в тупик
    The students were at sixes and sevens when they looked at the timetable for the new semester.
  • at stake
    (быть) поставленным на карту, рисковать
    The situation was very risky and George felt as if his whole life were at stake.
  • at the appointed time/hour
    в назначенное время, в назначенный час
    Sarah and I were to meet in the cafe at the appointed hour.
  • at the bottom of the hour
    в половине какого-либо часа (10:30, 11:30, и т.д.)
    At the bottom of the hour they opened the exhibition for the visitors.
  • at the bottom of the ladder
    (начать) с самого начала, с самого низкого уровня
    I had to start at the bottom of the ladder at my new job.
  • at the crack of dawn
    на рассвете
    We left for our holiday at the crack of dawn.