Идиомы на букву B

  • brain teaser
    A brain teaser is a problem for which it is hard to find the answer.
  • brainchild
    оригинальная мысль, порождение ума
    The idea for building a playground for children is the brainchild of Miss Rotenberg.
  • brainless
    глупый, безмозглый
    I think Martha is quite brainless; she has left the door unlocked again!
  • brains behind (something)
    человек, разработавший удачный план, проект и т.д.
    I know for sure that Mr. Smith is the brains behind the new project.
  • brainstorm something
    мозговой штурм чего-либо
    The students decided to brainstorm ideas for the homecoming ball.
  • brainwash (someone)
    подвергнуть идеологической обработке
    Politicians always try to brainwash common people into thinking what they want them to think.
  • brand-new
    совершенно новый
    "I strongly advise you to purchase this boat; it is brand new."
  • breach of promise
    нарушение обещания или соглашения
    Mr. Paderevski was accused of a breach of promise when he broke the contract to buy the house.
  • breach of the peace
    нарушение общественного порядка и спокойствия
    My neighbors were charged with a breach of the peace because they were playing loud music late at night.
  • bread and butter
    средства к существованию
    I am worried about the basic needs of life like food and home, so bread-and-butter issues are very important for me.
  • bread and water
    хлеб и вода
    The family was very poor; they had to live on bread and water most of the time.
  • break (someone's) fall
    смягчить чьё-либо падение
    A six-year-old Sharon Cranston fell from a balcony, but fortunately deep snow broke her fall.
  • break (someone's) heart
    разбить чьё-либо сердце, сделать несчастным
    It nearly broke her heart to leave her old home.
  • break (something) down
    объяснять что-либо просто, доступно
    When I am trying to explain difficult study material to my daughter, I usually try to break it down.
  • break (something) to (someone)
    сообщить плохие новости
    "Branston died in a car crash. Please break the sad news to his wife."
  • break a habit
    бросить привычку
    "I want you to break your habit of smoking two packets of cigarettes a day."
  • break a law
    нарушать закон
    Laws like promises shouldn't be broken.
  • Break a leg!
    Желаю удачи! (используется перед выходом на сцену)
    "Break a leg!" one of the actors called to the lead actor.
  • break a record
    побить рекорд
    The swimmer broke his own record during the latest swimming competitions.
  • break camp
    свернуть лагерь, собрать снаряжение
    As the weather was getting colder, they decided to break camp and return home.
  • break down
    проваливаться, терпеть неудачу
    We had grand plans, but they all broke down.
  • break down (something)
    разбить на части (в целях анализа)
    Metabolism is the process of breaking down living matter into simple substances.
  • break even
    работать на основе самоокупаемости, когда затраты равны прибыли
    They were sure that they would be able to break even and begin to make a profit soon.
  • break fresh/new ground
    начать новое дело, прокладывать новые пути
    The scientists have been able to break new ground in their research for diabetes cure.
  • break ground for (something)
    начать копать фундамент здания
    The construction workers broke ground for a new apartment house.
  • break in (someone or something)
    разносить (об обуви), сделать что-либо нужного размера
    I can't wear my new loafers; they won't break in.
  • break into a cold sweat (about something)
    покрыться холодным потом (от волнения / страха)
    Pam broke out in a cold sweat when she saw that terrible sight.
  • break into tears
    The little boy got frightened and broke into tears.
  • break loose (from someone or something)
    вырваться, освободиться, отвязаться (от кого-то/ чего-то)
    The dog broke loose from its master and started running around the garden.
  • break off
    внезапно прекращать, обрывать
    Trenton was too courteous; he would not break off negotiations.
  • break one's back/neck (to do something)
    делать всё возможное, работать много и усердно
    Robert broke his back to try and get the information he wanted.
  • break one's word
    нарушить своё слово, не сдержать обещание
    Mike promised to help me find a good job; unfortunately he broke his word.
  • break out in (something)
    выступить, появиться (например, сыпь на теле)
    I am allergic to fish, and when I eat it, I usually break out in a terrible rash.
  • break out in a cold sweat
    покрыться холодным потом (от волнения / страха)
    Pam broke out in a cold sweat when she saw that terrible sight.
  • break out of (something)
    сбегать откуда-то
    Bull's-Eye and some other criminals broke out of prison yesterday.