Идиомы на букву B

  • by any means
    любыми средствами
    Jim decided to win Clare's love by any means.
  • by chance
    "Have you seen Michele by chance? I've been waiting for her since morning."
  • by check
    (расплатиться) чеком
    Marion paid for her purchases by check.
  • by fair means or foul
    любыми средствами, правдами и неправдами
    They will do everything they can to win, by fair means or foul.
    Они сделают все, чтобы выиграть любыми средствами.
  • by far
    значительно больше, на много больше
    Alma is by far the prettiest girl among her friends.
  • by fits and starts
    неравномерно, скачками
    "If you work by fits and starts, your progress in English will be very slow."
  • by hook or by crook
    любым способом, любыми средствами
    I believe Ron wants to get these disks by hook or by crook.
  • by leaps and bounds
    стремительно, очень быстро, семимильными шагами
    Under his supervision the business began to develop by leaps and bounds.
  • by means of
    с помощью чего-то
    We were able to translate this text by means of an electronic translator.
  • by no means
    ни в коем случае
    By no means are you allowed to sit up late!
  • by shank's mare
    пешком, "на своих двоих"
    My car got broken, so I had to come to work by shank's mare.
  • by the book
    по правилам
    "I prefer to fill in documents by the book, so that nobody can find fault with me."
  • by the day
    подённо, каждый день, с каждым днём
    She got paid by the day.
  • by the dozen
    дюжиной, числом 12
    Sheila counted the chicks by the dozen.
  • by the dozens
    (покупать) дюжину = 12 штук
    In English shops eggs are sold by the dozens.
  • by the handful
    There were a lot of wild berries in the forest and we picked them by the handful.
  • by the hour
    почасовая (оплата), ежечасно
    I parked my car for the evening and had to pay by the hour.
  • by the month
    (платить) по месячно, каждый месяц
    We rent an office space and pay by the month.
  • by the same token
    кроме того, к тому же, тем более что
    "By the same token, I don't feel like going anywhere tonight."
  • by the seat of one's pants
    удачно, без усилий и умения
    Jane was able to complete the job by the seat of her pants.
  • by the skin of one's teeth
    чудом, едва-едва, еле-еле
    The team won the game by the skin of their teeth.
  • by the sweat of one's brow
    работать в поте лица
    Heinz succeeded in making enough money to buy a new house by the sweat of his brow.
  • by the way
    между прочим
    "By the way, are you absolutely sure he is going on a picnic with us?"
  • by the week
    по-недельно, каждую неделю
    During their holidays they rented a boat by the week.
  • by the year
    каждый год, ежегодно
    The workers in this firm have to renew their work contract by the year.
  • by virtue of (something)
    благодаря чему-то, в силу чего-то, на основании чего-то
    The working class by virtue of its ability to achieve united action is the only force capable of defeating racism.
  • by way of (something or somewhere)
    проходя/ проезжая мимо, по пути
    Mary took a taxi and they drove to the station by way of the town square.
  • by way of (something)
    через, ради чего-то, с целью
    David didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings; he said it only by way of joking.
  • by word of mouth
    устно, на словах
    I don't want to write to them; I'd rather you did it by word of mouth.
  • BYOB
    Bring Your Own Bottle - каждый приносит свою выпивку (на вечеринку)
    Before my friend had a dinner party at his house she told everyone that it was BYOB.