Head and Mind

  • able to (do something) standing on one's head

    уметь делать что-либо легко и быстро

    Jim has always been a skilled worker; he is able to do his job standing on his head.
  • absent-minded


    I don't think much of Jack; he is so absent-minded.
  • all in (someone's) mind

    воображать несуществующую проблему

    "Please, don't bother me with your problem. It is all in your mind. It does not exist."
  • as bald as a baby's backside

    совершенно лысый

    The postman, who delivers mail, is as bald as a baby's backside.
  • at one's wit's end

    быть в растерянности; не знать, что делать

    Jack was at his wit's end about what to do with the puppy.
  • bad hair day

    неудачный день, когда всё идёт не так как надо

    Sunday was a bad hair day and everything went wrong since early morning.
  • bear (someone or something) in mind

    иметь кого-либо или что-либо в виду

    Wanda ought to bear this risky affair in mind; it might be a fraud, for all I know.
  • beat (something) into (someone's) head

    вбить что-либо в голову кого-либо

    "Whether you want it or not, I'll try to beat the rule into your head."
  • beat one's brains out

    шевелить мозгами (много умственно трудиться)

    The author beat his brains out in order to think up the proper title for his book.
  • beat one's head against the wall

    биться головой об стену (зря тратить время, делая бесполезное дело)

    While speaking to my son, I felt as if I were beating my head against the wall.
  • bite (someone's) head off

    говорить сердито с кем-либо

    I would have confessed my fault to my mother if I were not afraid that she might bite my head off.
  • blow (someone's) mind

    взволновать, полностью захватить (о чувствах)

    "The book is so thrilling that I hope it will blow your mind."
  • blow one's stack/top

    сильно разозлиться, "крышу снесло"

    My neighbor blew his top when I asked him not to play loud music.
  • blow up in (someone's) face

    мгновенно взорваться, потерять значимость

    The information, which was supposed to be secret, suddenly blew up in his face.
  • boggle one's mind

    пугать, смущать, тревожить

    "I don't want to boggle your mind, but the absence of proper safety is dangerous."
  • bonehead

    исключительно глупый, тупой

    "You are a bonehead. Why don't you understand what I am trying to tell you?"
  • bored out of one's mind/skull

    надоесть, наскучить

    The lecture turned out to be extremely dull, and I was bored out of my mind.
  • brain (someone)

    ударить кого-либо по голове, размозжить голову

    Suddenly the little boy took his spade and brained his playmate.
  • brain drain

    иммиграция талантливых учёных, утечка "мозгов"

    There was a brain drain from Russia to America during the stagnation period.
  • brain teaser


    A brain teaser is a problem for which it is hard to find the answer.
  • brainchild

    оригинальная мысль, порождение ума

    The idea for building a playground for children is the brainchild of Miss Rotenberg.
  • brainless

    глупый, безмозглый

    I think Martha is quite brainless; she has left the door unlocked again!
  • brains behind (something)

    человек, разработавший удачный план, проект и т.д.

    I know for sure that Mr. Smith is the brains behind the new project.
  • brainwash (someone)

    подвергнуть идеологической обработке

    Politicians always try to brainwash common people into thinking what they want them to think.
  • bring (something) to a head

    обострять что-либо, завершать

    This incident brought the question of relationships among the workers to a head.
  • bury/hide one's head in the sand

    прятать голову в песок, отказываться видеть/ признавать что-либо неприятное

    When the situation got tough, Phil buried his head in the sand; he was unable to take the responsibility.
  • butt heads with (someone)

    спорить с кем-либо, "сталкиваться лбами"

    "I do not intend to butt heads with you about this problem because I know I am right."
  • by a hair's breadth

    только-только, еле-еле, с трудом

    Jim got to the station by a hair's breadth to see the train ready to depart.
  • by a whisker

    на волосок, чуть-чуть

    He shot at me and just missed hitting me by a hair.
  • change (someone's) mind


    At first Lola agreed to join us but then changed her mind.
  • cheek by jowl

    вместе, бок о бок

    The friends entered the auditorium cheek by jowl.
  • collect one's wits

    собраться с мыслями

    I had to collect my wits after the strange story Jami told me.
  • come face to face with (someone or something)

    столкнуться лицом к лицу с кем-либо \ чем-либо

    At the airport I suddenly came face to face with a famous pop singer.
  • come to mind

    придти в голову, припомнить

    I was trying to recollect the title of the book, but nothing came to mind.
  • come to one's senses

    образумиться, взяться за ум, придти в себя

    "I want you to stop fooling around and come to your senses."