Идиомы на тему Head and Mind

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  • head shrinker
    Wanda is being very strange lately, and I advised her to go and see a head shrinker.
  • head-on
    лобовой, фронтальный
    Sam Beevers had a head-on crash on the highway yesterday.
  • headhunt
    поиск квалифицированных кадров
    The president of our firm sent a committee to the colleges and universities to do some headhunt in the hope of finding some young talent.
  • Heads up!
    Осторожно! Опасность! Подними голову и посмотри вверх.
    "Heads up!" said the waiter, who was carrying some hot food on the tray.
  • hide one's face in shame
    стыдиться, испытывать неловкость
    When Anita blurted out the truth, everybody looked at her as she tried to hide her face in shame.
  • hide one's head in the sand
    стараться не видеть неприятной или опасной ситуации, "прятать голову в песок"
    Willy keeps from knowing something unpleasant; he prefers to hide his head in the sand.
  • hold one's head up
    иметь чувство собственного достоинства, "высоко держать голову"
    Though John lost his case in court, he didn't lose his dignity and held his head up.
  • in a positive frame of mind
    в хорошем расположении духа
    David has been in a positive frame of mind all day.
  • in one's hair
    надоедать кому-либо, донимать
    My cousin was in my hair all day yesterday.
  • in one's right mind
    в своём \ здравом уме
    "You are not in your right mind to leave this country for good."
  • in over one's head
    сверх головы (трудностей, работы и т.д.)
    I was in over my head when I tried to do two jobs at a time.
  • in the face of (something)
    вопреки, несмотря на что-либо, под угрозой
    Jim is a cool cucumber; he never loses his head in the face of danger.
  • in two minds about (something)
    колебаться, быть в нерешительности из-за чего-либо
    I am in two minds about changing my present job.
  • keep (someone or something) in mind
    иметь кого-либо \ что-либо в виду
    The manager told us to keep the new rules and regulations in mind.
  • keep (someone) out of one's hair
    удерживать кого-либо от причинения беспокойства
    The children were naughty all day and it was not possible to keep them out of our hair.
  • keep a cool head
    сохранять спокойствие в трудной ситуации
    "I know the situation is difficult and stressful, but I want you to keep a cool head."
  • keep a straight face
    сохранять невозмутимое выражение лица; стараться не засмеяться
    It is difficult to keep a straight face when you see something funny.
  • keep an open mind about (something)
    быть гибким, уметь прислушиваться к мнению других
    Garry is not flexible; he is not able to keep an open mind about anything.
  • keep one's chin up
    не унывать, "не вешать носа"
    Sam put his finger under Jen's chin and looked into her eyes. "Keep your chin up, Jennie," he said.
  • keep one's head
    сохранять спокойствие, присутствие духа, владеть собой, "не терять головы"
    Jordan is as cool as a cucumber; he always keeps his head in emergences.
  • keep one's head above water
    бороться за существование, с трудом сводить концы с концами
    I am not rich. I am not even wealthy. In fact I can hardly keep my head above water.
  • keep one's head down
    стараться быть незаметным
    He was ashamed of what he had done, so he kept his head down, trying to remain unnoticed.
  • keep one's wits about one
    не терять головы, сохранять самообладание
    Throughout the dispute Conrad was like a cold spectator who could keep his wits about him.
  • knit one's brow
    The father knit his brow and looked sternly at his son.
  • knock (someone's) block off
    дать кому-либо по башке
    Gordon became furious and threatened to knock my block off.
  • knock some heads together
    ругать, распекать
    The manager decided that he would have to knock some heads together if he wanted to get the work done properly.
  • know one's own mind
    быть уверенным в себе; знать, что делать
    "Don't tell me what to do; I know my own mind."
  • last thing on (someone's) mind
    последние, что у кого-либо на уме
    Visiting a museum was the last thing on my mind on Sunday afternoon.
  • laugh one's head off
    долго и много смеяться, надрываться от смеха
    Bob's story was so funny that I laughed my head off.
  • let one's hair down
    вести себя свободно, отдыхать и веселиться
    After the dance, the college girls let their hair down and compared dates.
  • long face
    унылый вид, кислая физиономия
    He pulled a long face when he heard the news of his former girlfriend's engagement.
  • lose face
    быть униженным, смущённым
    Paul Summerfield lost face when his colleagues did not to support him during the meeting.
  • lose one's head over (someone or something)
    потерять голову из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, разволноваться
    Mr. Winter has lost his head over horse races; he makes bets and loses a lot of money.
  • lose one's marbles/mind
    сойти с ума, "слететь с катушек"
    Georgina seems to have lost her marbles because she doesn't behave reasonably.
  • lose one's train of thought
    потерять ход мыслей
    I was thinking about my project, but I lost my train of thought when my friend called.