Идиомы на тему Head and Mind

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  • speak one's mind
    откровенно высказать кому-либо что-либо
    I am going to speak my mind and tell my boss about the shortcomings in our work.
  • split hairs
    вдаваться в чрезмерные тонкости, спорить о мелочах
    "Pray don't let us be splitting hairs or there will never be the end of our dispute."
  • stand (something) on its head
    придать чему-либо противоположное значение, исказить, поставить с ног на голову
    We didn't agree with them because they stood this important matter on its head.
  • stand head and shoulders above (the rest/someone/something)
    быть гораздо лучше кого-либо \ чего-либо, быть на голову выше остальных
    My new car stands head and shoulders above the one I had before.
  • stand on one's head (to do something)
    делать большие усилия
    Jordan did everything but stand on his head to help his friend quit smoking.
  • stare (someone) in the face
    быть очевидным
    "Are you looking for your pen? It's on your desk, staring you in the face."
  • stick in (someone's) mind
    не забывать, застрять в чьей-либо голове
    The face of the dying woman stuck in my mind for many days.
  • stick one's head in a noose
    навредить себе, сунуть голову в петлю
    Bob borrowed a large sum of money thus sticking my head in a noose.
  • stuff one's face
    набить себе желудок, много съесть
    I was not hungry because I stuffed my face in the restaurant.
  • swelled head
    Marcia has a swelled head; she thinks that she is the most gifted person in her class.
  • take (something) on the chin
    испытать, терпеливо вынести что-либо
    Jeremy took his failure on the chin.
  • take it into one's head to do (something)
    взбрести кому-либо в голову
    Why did you take it into your head to invite Elvis to the party? He is such a wet blanket.
  • take it on the chin
    потерпеть поражение, быть побеждённым
    Paul took it on the chin in the chess tournament.
  • take leave of one's senses
    сойти с ума, потерять рассудок, обезуметь
    My brother had taken my car without my permission; I got angry and told him he had taken leave of his senses.
  • take one's mind off (something)
    отвлечься от чего-либо, перестать беспокоиться
    Susan went shopping to take her mind off her family problems.
  • talk (someone's) head off
    много говорить, болтать без умолку
    "Look here Emma! You are talking my head off! Will you stop for a while?"
  • tear one's hair out
    быть очень обеспокоенным, расстроенным или злым
    The brother was tearing his hair out because he had lost an important document.
  • tell (someone) to his or her face
    сказать кому-либо прямо в лицо
    We are going to tell Willy to his face that he had let us down.
  • thin on top
    Franklin had a massive chin, puffy cheeks, small beady eyes, and he was a bit thin on top.
  • throw (something) back in (someone's) face
    ответить, отплатить кому-либо тем же
    Ivory insulted me and I immediately threw the insult back in his face.
  • to (someone's) mind
    по чьему-либо мнению
    "To my mind you are paying too much attention to Steve."
  • tongue in cheek
    насмешливо, иронично, в шутку
    The remark was made tongue in cheek, but Bill got offended.
  • touched (in the head)
    спятил, свихнулся
    "What's the matter with you? You are acting as if you were touched in the head tonight."
  • trouble one's head about (someone or something)
    волноваться из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, беспокоиться
    Lionel never troubles his head about such matters.
  • turn (someone's) head
    вскружить кому-либо голову, приводить в смятение
    When David saw Tina for the first time, her beauty turned his head. He fell in love at first sight.
  • turn (something) on its head
    поставить с ног на голову, придать чему-либо противоположное значение
    The judge accused the lawyer of turning the statement on its head.
  • turn (something) over in one's mind
    постоянно думать о чём-либо, держать в уме
    I slept badly that night because I was turning the conversation with my father over in my mind.
  • turn the other cheek
    подставить другую щёку, быть безответным, не мстительным
    I know it was an excellent opportunity for turning the other cheek, but I didn't think of it in time.
  • up to one's chin in (something)
    быть занятым (под завязку) или быть вовлечённым во что-либо
    My cousin Marcia is always in debt up to her chin.
  • use one's head/noggin/noodle
    подумать, пошевелить мозгами
    "If you don't remember who has told you about it, then use your head and try to call it to mind."
  • wag one's chin
    болтать, молоть языком
    Liza met Wanda in the tea room, and she wagged her chin with an old friend for a long time.
  • weigh on (someone's) mind
    угнетать кого-либо, беспокоить, тяготить
    I was to take entrance exams in summer and this fact was weighing on my mind.
  • within a whisker of (doing something)
    почти что сделать что-либо
    Sam came within a whisker of selling his car, but he decided not to do it after all.
  • written all over (someone's) face
    на лице написано, на лице ясно отражено (какое-либо чувство, состояние)
    The fact that my younger sister had eaten all the sweets was written all over her face.