Идиомы на тему Money

  • down-and-out
    разорённый, не имеющий денег
    After the collapse of the company in which he had invested Jeffrey Archer was down and out.
  • draw interest
    привлекать внимание, казаться интересным
    The exhibition of modern art didn't draw interest of the public at large.
  • Dutch treat
    угощение, при котором каждый платит за себя
    When my friend and I go to the movies, it is always a Dutch treat as both of us don't have much money.
  • easy money
    лёгкие деньги
    Young people who look for easy money are usually disappointed.
  • face value
    кажущаяся ценность; поверхностное суждение
    "If I were you, I wouldn't trust her; take everything she does at face value."
  • fast buck
    деньги, заработанные легко и быстро, "шальные деньги"
    The man is always trying to make a fast buck without working very hard.
  • feed the kitty
    жертвовать (деньги)
    We are going to feed the kitty to collect money for the new workshop.
  • flat broke
    полностью разориться, не иметь денег
    Alfred lost all of his money at gambling and was flat broke.
  • float a loan
    брать заём (в банке)
    The bank agreed to float a loan for the purchase of a new house.
  • fool and his money are soon parted
    у дурака деньги долго не держатся
    Jimmy spends his money unwisely. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  • foot the bill
    заплатить за что-либо, оплатить что-либо
    The Frawlys hoped the company would foot the bill for the ransom of eight million dollars.
  • for a song
    очень дёшево, "за гроши"
    "Don't think you can buy a new house for a song; houses are expensive."
  • for my money
    я считаю, что касается меня
    For my money, the best candidate for Congress is George Brown.
  • fork money out (for something)
    потратить деньги на что-либо, "раскошелиться"
    They had to fork out much money for fixing their old house.
  • fork over (some money)
    заплатить деньги за что-либо
    "You forked over much money for the painting, didn't you? The picture isn't worth it."
  • from rags to riches
    от бедности к богатству; "из грязи, да в князи"
    Mr. Paul Ladle is a self-made man; he went from rags to riches.
  • get a run for one's money
    получить всё сполна за свои деньги; получить то, что заслуживаешь
    David got a run for his money when he decided to take part in car races.
  • get along on a shoestring
    быть стеснённым в средствах, иметь очень мало денег
    After her husband's death Linda had to get along on a shoestring.
  • get one's money's worth
    получить (деньги) сполна
    Felix got his money's worth when he sold several pictures of old masters at the auction.
  • give (someone) a blank check
    предоставить кому-либо полную свободу действий
    The government gave the Minister of Education a blank check to improve the situation.
  • give (someone) a run for their money
    дать кому-либо то, что он заслуживает
    Mike and Antony are excellent footballers; let's give them a run for their money.
  • go broke
    разориться, потерять все деньги
    Josef Marsh went broke because of the collapse of a Canadian company in which he had invested.
  • go Dutch
    платить каждый за себя
    My friend and I often go Dutch when we go to a pizza hut.
  • go to the expense (of doing something)
    пойти на большие затраты
    Jane was prepared to go to the expense of buying a new car because her old one had broken down.
  • going rate
    существующий тариф \ расценка \ спрос
    The going rate for gardeners will go high this season.
  • hard up
    быть в затруднительном финансовом положении
    I am not surprised that Paul is hard up for money again. He is such a spendthrift.
  • have an itchy/itching palm
    выпрашивать деньги, чаевые
    George seems to have an itching palm. He is always asking for money.
  • have money to burn
    быть очень богатым, "денег куры не клюют"
    Mary's husband made the money easily enough - he would never miss it, neither would Mary. They had money to burn.
  • have sticky fingers
    The man was fired from the supermarket because he had sticky fingers.
  • have the Midas touch
    уметь легко делать деньги
    Moses has the Midas touch; he has the ability of making money easily.
  • He who pays the piper calls the tune
    тот кто платит, тот и распоряжается
    He who pays the piper calls the tune, so it is for the owner of the cafe to decide who will work there and who won't.
  • heads or tails
    орёл или решка
    They decided to start the basketball game by throwing heads or tails with a coin.
  • highway robbery
    очень высокая цена, "чистый грабёж"
    The price that I had to pay for the airline tickets was highway robbery.
  • hit pay dirt
    обнаружить что-либо ценное
    Gloria hit pay dirt while looking through the things in the garret.
  • hit the jackpot
    иметь необыкновенный успех, повезти
    Dana was very lucky; she hit the jackpot when she bought a lottery ticket last month.