• rake off (some money)
    воровать деньги
    They suspected David Bronx of raking money off the company's account.
  • red cent
    небольшая сумма денег, "медный грош"
    I wanted to buy a boat from Tom, but it looked so shabby that I would not give a red cent for it.
  • rolling in money
    иметь большое количество денег, "купаться в деньгах"
    Mr. Hobson was rolling in money and didn't have to work.
  • salt away (money)
    сберечь, сэкономить деньги
    I was able to salt away some money for my holiday.
  • save up (for something)
    делать сбережения, копить, откладывать
    With the money he is earning he can easily save up for a good car.
  • scrape (something) together
    наскрести или накопить (по мелочам)
    Jimmy managed to scrape up together a few dollars by searching all the pockets.
  • scrimp and save
    экономить, быть бережливым
    Wanda has to scrimp and save in order to buy new clothes.
  • set (someone) back
    стоить (какую-либо сумму) кому-либо
    "How much did your new car set you back?"
  • shake (someone) down
    получить деньги путём угроз, "потрясти кого-либо"
    Lionel had to shake Noel down to get the money the latter owed him.
  • shell out (money)
    платить деньги, раскошелиться
    Jacob shelled out a lot of money for his new car.
  • sitting on a goldmine
    владеть чем-либо ценным (часто не понимая этого)
    My father's stamp collection is very valuable; he is sitting on a goldmine with it.
  • smart money is on (something)
    хорошая идея (относительно чего-либо)
    The smart money is on the government officials who decided to introduce a new tax law next year.
  • sock away (some money)
    убирать, прятать деньги в укромное место
    I have decided to sock away some money to pay for my college education.
  • splurge on (something)
    потратить много денег на что-либо
    They splurged on a beautiful new house in the suburbs of Toronto.
  • square accounts with (someone)
    рассчитываться, улаживать финансовые дела с кем-либо
    I didn't trust Jack and had no intention to square accounts with him.
  • squirrel away (some money)
    припрятать деньги, откладывать
    I sometimes have to squirrel some extra money away so that I can use it later.
  • stone broke
    (быть) совершенно без денег
    I am afraid I can't afford to go on a holiday to Thailand; I am stone-broke.
  • strapped for cash
    не хватать денег, иметь мало денег
    I couldn't buy the dress I wanted because I was strapped for cash.
  • strike gold
    найти золотую жилу, напасть на золотую жилу
    Jeremy seems to have struck gold with his new computer games product.
  • strike it rich
    внезапно разбогатеть, преуспеть, "напасть на золотую жилу"
    Elvira struck it rich when she had won one million dollars in a state lottery.
  • take a beating
    понести убытки, потерять много денег
    To avoid taking a beating I decided not to sell my country house.
  • take the money and run
    принять предложенное пока предложение в силе
    Bill planned to take the money and run as he was not sure that he would be given any more money for the settlement of his car accident.
  • take up a collection
    собрать деньги на что-либо
    Sam is willing to take up a collection for his holiday abroad.
  • throw good money after bad
    тратить деньги впустую, упорствовать в безнадёжном деле
    They closed the mine because they couldn't afford to throw good money after bad.
  • throw money around
    сорить деньгами
    Paul made up his mind to buy a piece of waste land and built a swimming pool on it, but I believe that he is simply throwing money around; the idea doesn't seem to be good.
  • tidy sum of money
    довольно большая сумма денег
    Samuel decided to sell his shop and hoped to get a tidy sum of money from the sale.
  • tightfisted/closefisted (with money)
    Ogden's father is tightfisted with money, and he wouldn't give his son an allowance.
  • time is money
    время - деньги
    "Don't waste your time doing nothing; remember time is money."
  • turn on a dime
    развернуться в очень узком месте (величиной с монету)
    My new sports car can turn on a dime.
  • two bits
    25 центов
    A haircut only cost two bits when Grandfather was young.
  • two cents (worth)
    мнение (о котором не спрашивают)
    The boys were talking about tennis, and Hilda put in her two cents worth, even though she didn't know much about tennis.
  • worth its weight in gold
    очень ценный
    The advice of my father is always worth its weight in gold.