Идиомы на букву T

  • to hook up (something)
    подключить что-либо
    "Could you possibly hook up my computer; I don't think I can do it myself."
  • to hope against hope
    всё ещё надеяться; надеяться, не смотря ни на что
    The firefighters hoped against hope that they would be able to rescue the people in the house.
  • to horn in on (someone)
    навязаться на кого-либо, придти без приглашения
    Tim was not welcome to our party; he just horned in on us.
  • to horse around
    шуметь, возиться
    The children were horsing around in the back yard.
  • to horse trade
    вести трудные переговоры
    They had to horse trade, but they were finally able to make a business agreement.
  • to hound (someone)
    подвергать гонениям, изводить кого-либо
    It seemed to Edna that the boss was hounding her, and she decided to quit her job.
  • to hunger for (something)
    жаждать чего-либо
    Colin is obsessed with speedy cars and he hungers for participation in a car race.
  • to hush up
    замалчивать, скрывать
    All this quarreling should immediately be hushed up.
  • to jazz up (something)
    оживлять что-либо
    We decided to jazz up the campus before the homecoming ball.
  • to kick off (something)
    начинать что-либо, запускать
    The new project was kicked off that day.
  • to lay over
    прервать путешествие
    They had to lay over in Moscow for a few hours before going to Warsaw.
  • to matter
    иметь значение
    It does not matter if he wins in a swimming competition or not.
  • to mean (something) to (someone)
    значить что-либо для кого-либо
    Being able to socialize with her friends means a lot to Flora Brown.
  • to mean business
    быть серьёзно готовым к действию, быть настроенным на работу
    Mr. Josef Parker meant business when he said that he was going to take over the management of the company.
  • to mean for (someone) to (do something)
    предполагать, рассчитывать, что кто-либо будет делать что-либо
    Della meant for me to arrange a get together party and not anybody else.
  • to mean nothing to (someone)
    не иметь никакого значения для кого-либо
    Ben is very frivolous, and to break his promise means nothing to him.
  • to mean to (do something)
    намереваться делать что-либо
    "I meant to have shown you the attractions of the town; I am sorry I couldn't do it."
  • to mix it up
    спорить или драться
    In the park I saw two groups of young men who were mixing it up.
  • to mix up (something)
    перепутать что-либо, ошибиться
    I made a mistake the other day; I mixed up the dates of my father's arrival.
  • to nose down
    снижаться (носом вниз – о самолёте)
    The pilot began to nose down the helicopter as soon as he saw the bright lights of the airport.
  • to one's heart's content
    сколько душе угодно
    I borrowed a few books from the library so that I could read them to my heart's content.
  • to one's name
    (иметь) что-либо в собственности, "иметь за душой"
    Edna had only one dress to her name.
  • to order
    (сделано) на заказ
    A very stout person often has his clothes made to order.
  • to pieces
    (разбить, развалиться) на куски
    While washing the dishes I dropped a cup and it broke to pieces.
  • to put it mildly
    мягко говоря
    After what they did for Steve, his behavior toward them, to put it mildly, was rather strange.
  • to say nothing of (someone or something)
    не говоря уж о ком-либо \ чём-либо
    To go hiking they took some provision and drinking water to say nothing of the sleeping bags.
  • to say the least
    мягко выражаясь, без всякого преувеличения, по меньшей мере
    It was not a very good party to say the least.
  • to set up (something)
    установить что-либо, собрать из частей
    Little Bobby managed to take a clock to pieces, but his father was able to set it up.
  • to show cause
    давать объяснение
    The man was asked to show cause as to why he had assaulted a passer-by.
  • to show good faith
    продемонстрировать, проявить добрую волю
    My neighbor showed good faith when she promised to help me in the garden.
  • to show off
    пытаться привлечь внимание, "пускать пыль в глаза"
    Mark enjoyed being in the center of everyone's attention; he was definitely showing off.
  • to show up
    появиться, показаться
    I had been waiting for Ron for more than an hour, but he never showed up.
  • to sign on the dotted line
    поставить (свою) подпись в указанном месте
    At the post office they handed me a parcel and told me to sign on the dotted line.
  • to skip bail
    не появиться в суде, несмотря на внесённый ранее залог
    "I cannot guarantee that the man won't run away; he may easily skip bail."
  • to some extent
    в какой-то мере, частично
    I liked the book to some extent, but actually it was not quite what I had expected it to be.