Идиомы на букву T

  • take a new turn
    принять новый оборот
    The fund rising campaign took a new turn when a big company joined in it.
  • take a turn for the better
    изменяться к лучшему; поправляться
    Things began taking a turn for the better.
  • take a turn for the worse
    становиться хуже
    The patient seemed to be recovering, but all of a sudden he took a turn for the worse.
  • to turn on a dime
    изменить планы или ориентацию
    John's life turned on a dime when he immigrated to Chili.
  • to turn out (something)
    производить, выпускать что-либо
    Huge power driven presses are capable of turning out 120,000 copies of a big newspaper in an hour.
  • to turn over
    When the car hit the hill, it turned over and stopped.
  • turn (someone's) head
    вскружить кому-либо голову, приводить в смятение
    When David saw Tina for the first time, her beauty turned his head. He fell in love at first sight.
  • turn (someone's) stomach
    вызывать тошноту
    The rolling of the boat turned his stomach.
  • turn (someone) on
    интересовать, заинтересовать кого-либо
    Beethoven's music always turns me on.
  • turn (something) on its ear
    перевернуть что-либо (вверх дном)
    I turned my bedroom on its ear when I was looking for my pantyhose.
  • turn (something) on its head
    поставить с ног на голову, придать чему-либо противоположное значение
    The judge accused the lawyer of turning the statement on its head.
  • turn (something) over in one's mind
    постоянно думать о чём-либо, держать в уме
    I slept badly that night because I was turning the conversation with my father over in my mind.
  • turn (something) to good account
    использовать что-либо с выгодой, найти хорошее применение
    Wanda at once saw how this event might be turned to good account to secure her property.
  • turn (something) to one's advantage
    обратить в свою пользу, использовать в своих интересах
    Mark turned his influence to his advantage and achieved considerable competency.
  • turn a blind eye to (someone or something)
    не замечать кого-либо \ что-либо
    Adam preferred to turn a blind eye to the "No Fishing" sign.
  • turn a deaf ear to (someone)
    игнорировать, не слушать кого-либо \ что-либо
    I asked Alfred to help me, but he turned a deaf ear to my request.
  • turn a profit
    получать прибыль
    Our company has been turning a profit since it opened two years ago.
  • turn down (someone or something)
    отказаться признать, отвергнуть кого-либо \ что-либо
    "You seem to be turning down a golden opportunity in leaving the company."
  • turn down (something)
    убавить что-либо (звук, свет, газ)
    "That radio is pretty loud. Can't you turn it down a little?"
  • turn in
    ложиться спать
    I turned in at ten that night and I thought I would sleep well, being tired; but I didn't.
  • turn in (someone)
    сдать кого-либо
    Sheila turned in the teenagers to the police for drug taking.
  • turn in (something)
    отдать что-либо
    When the football season was over, the players turned in their uniforms.
  • turn of the century
    на рубеже веков
    Cars were odd things to see at the turn of the century.
  • turn off (someone)
    внушать отвращение, неприязнь
    Jack has decided not to date Christine anymore - she begins to turn him off.
  • turn off (something)
    выключить (свет), закрыть (кран)
    My mother wanted me to turn off the water in the bathroom.
  • turn off (somewhere)
    повернуть на другую дорогу, свернуть
    The car turned off on Main Street.
  • turn on (someone)
    напуститься на кого-либо
    Jack turned on his brother, who he thought had deceived him.
  • turn on (something)
    включить (свет, радио и т.д.)
    "It's getting dark, please turn on the light."
  • turn on a dime
    развернуться в очень узком месте (величиной с монету)
    My new sports car can turn on a dime.
  • turn on one's heel
    круто повернуться
    Jonathan turned on his heel and dashed out of the room.
  • turn one's back on (someone or something)
    отказать в помощи кому-либо, отвернуться, покинуть кого-либо в беде
    Peter turned his back on his own family when they needed help.
  • turn one's hand to (something)
    взяться за что-либо (отличное оттого, что делали ранее)
    After Mark finished writing a thriller, he turned his hand to screen plays.
  • turn one's nose up at (someone or something)
    отвергать кого-либо \ что-либо
    The young man turned his nose up at the chance to go to an agricultural college.
  • turn out
    оказаться, придти
    The day turned out to be warm and clear.
  • turn out (a light)
    выключать (свет)
    Please turn out the light if you I do not need it.