Идиомы на букву T

  • to the tune of (an amount of money)
    в размере, на сумму
    We had to pay to the tune of twenty dollars to be admitted to the amusement park in Springfield.
  • tune in
    настраиваться (на что-либо)
    Greg is not very well tuned in to his surroundings.
  • tune in (a radio)
    настраивать радиоприёмник
    Bob tuned in his portable radio to listen to music.
  • tune out (someone or something)
    игнорировать кого-либо \ что-либо, не слушать
    I am able to work in a noisy environment because I can simply tune it out.
  • tune up (a musical instrument)
    настраивать (музыкальный инструмент)
    The orchestra came out onto the stage and began to tune up for the concert.
  • tune up (an engine)
    наладить, отрегулировать двигатель
    Jim took his car to the garage to have the engine tuned up.