Идиомы на букву T

  • touch and go
    критическое или опасное положение
    At one time while we were climbing the cliff, it was touch and go whether we could do it.
  • touch base with someone
    встретиться с кем-либо и поговорить накоротке
    They were ready to make a decision, but first they decided to touch base with the financial manager.
  • touch off
    стать причиной (взрыва), воспламенить что-либо
    The boy touched off a firecracker.
  • touch off (someone)
    задеть кого-либо, разозлить
    Someone or something must have touched Jack off for he dashed out of the room like mad.
  • touch off (something)
    вызвать (беспорядки)
    The arrest of the men's leaders touched off a disturbance in the area.
  • touch up
    подправить что-либо
    The woodwork is done, but there are a few places I have to touch up.
  • touch up (something)
    ретушировать, отделывать
    The photograph looks as if it had been touched up.