Идиомы на букву T

  • try (someone's) patience
    испытывать чьё-либо терпение
    Nora's naughty children are constantly trying her patience.
  • try (something) out on (someone)
    испытать что-либо на ком-либо
    I was able to cook all kinds of inexpensive dishes and try them out on Noel.
  • try on (something)
    мерить (одежду)
    Sue tried on several pairs of sandals before she found one to her liking.
  • try one's hand (at something)
    попробовать свои силы в чём-либо
    I am going to try my hand at poker tonight.
  • try one's luck at (something)
    попытать счастья
    Helen decided to try her luck at buying a ticket to the theatre just before the performance.
  • try out (something)
    испытывать что-либо
    I intend to try out several makes of cars before making a final choice.
  • try out for (something)
    пытаться принять участие в чём-либо (в игре)
    Tom tried out for his university basketball team.
  • try out one's wings
    пытаться сделать что-либо, чему только что научился
    Tina has had only ten German lessons, but she wants to try her wings by speaking with our visitors from Germany.