Идиомы на букву T

  • tear down (someone)
    говорить плохо о ком-либо, критиковать
    The speaker tore down one of the city authorities for his poor job performance.
  • tear down (something)
    разрушать что-либо, сносить
    Across the river I saw the walls of old houses that were being torn down.
  • tear into (someone or something)
    ругать, набрасываться на кого-либо \ что-либо
    The woman tore into her husband for having bought an expensive car.
  • tear off
    поспешно уйти или убежать
    I was eager to show my friend my purchases, but she suddenly tore off.
  • tear one's hair out
    быть очень обеспокоенным, расстроенным или злым
    The brother was tearing his hair out because he had lost an important document.
  • tear up (someone)
    причинять много горя
    The boy isn't doing well at school, and it is tearing up his mother.
  • tear up (something)
    разорвать на клочки, изодрать что-либо
    Cathy tore up the letter, went to the fireplace and threw the pieces into the fire.