Идиомы на букву T

  • take off time
    отсутствовать, взять отгул (на работе)
    I wanted to visit my parents, so I took off a few days from work.
  • take one's time
    не торопиться, не проявлять торопливости
    "Take your time and tell me in plain words what you want."
  • take time off
    сделать перерыв в работе
    Sue had been studying Chinese for a couple of years before she decided to take time off.
  • take up (time)
    отнимать время
    "You have taken up quite enough of my time, Bob."
  • tell time
    сказать сколько времени на часах (говорится обыкновенно о детях)
    "Can you little daughter tell time yet?"
  • time after time
    раз за разом, неоднократно
    I have told my younger brother time after time not to tamper with my papers.
  • time and time again
    снова и снова, неоднократно
    Children are forgetful and must be told time and time again how to behave.
  • time flies
    время бежит незаметно
    Time flies and I suddenly realized that was time to leave.
  • time is money
    время - деньги
    "Don't waste your time doing nothing; remember time is money."
  • time is ripe
    пришло время
    Cathy thought the time was ripe to tell her mother about the broken vase.
  • time of one's life
    замечательное, удивительное время
    Nancy had the time of her life at the party.
  • time off
    время свободное от работы
    If I had had some time off yesterday, I could have sent a lot of e-mail letters to my friends abroad.
  • time out
    перерыв (в игре, работе) таймаут
    Ann took some time out from studying to visit her friend.
  • time to catch one's breath
    достаточно времени, чтобы передохнуть
    Mrs. Normandy had no time to catch her breath because her grandchildren were staying with her.
  • time was (when)
    было время когда
    Time was when everybody in our town kept their doors unlocked all of the time.
  • two-time (someone)
    изменять кому-либо (супруге или супругу, партнёру)
    Silvia was very upset when she discovered that Tim was two-timing her.