Идиомы на букву T

  • top dog
    самая важная персона в организации
    Mr. Abrahams is the top dog in his company.
  • top banana
    важная персона, босс, лидер
    "Who is the top banana in your organization?"
  • tail wagging the dog
    ситуация, когда кто-либо незначительный держит всё под контролем
    Jim is just a minor employee in the firm, yet he tries to give everyone orders; I think it's a case of the tail wagging the dog.
  • tickled pink
    быть очень довольным
    Bobby was tickled pink with his new bike.
  • too many cooks spoil the broth/stew
    Когда за дело берутся слишком много людей, ничего хорошего не выходит. У семи нянек дитя без глазу. (посл.)
    "I don't want you to employ too many people to work at the project. As you know 'too many cooks spoil the broth'.
  • take (something) with a grain of salt
    относиться к чему-либо недоверчиво, скептически
    My friend is an imaginative person, and I always take everything he says with a grain of salt.
  • to be broke
    быть разорённым, не иметь денег
    "I am sorry I can't lend you a penny; I am absolutely broke."
  • to be green
    неопытный\ незрелый человек, "салага"
    "I want you to instruct this new worker; he is green and he doesn't know his job yet.
  • that's the way the cookie crumbles
    такова жизнь, вот как всё происходит в жизни
    That's the way the cookie crumbles, I thought when I understood that I would not be able to afford a new car.
  • take the cake
    превзойти самого себя (в лучшую или худшую сторону)
    Edna was extremely cordial. Her friendliness took the cake.
  • take (something) at face value
    принимать что-либо за чистую монету
    I took his promise to help at face value and was upset when he didn't keep his word.
  • take the law into one's own hands
    расправиться без суда, пытаться отправлять правосудие самому
    Ned decided to take the law into his own hands and avenge himself on his offender.
  • take the trouble to (do something)
    стараться, делать усилие
    "Will you please take the trouble to inform Miss Nordie that she is not going to have any lessons today?"
  • throw oneself at the mercy of the court
    просить помилования, пощады
    Saying that he was sorry for what he had done, the man threw himself at the mercy of the court.
  • turn (someone's) head
    вскружить кому-либо голову, приводить в смятение
    When David saw Tina for the first time, her beauty turned his head. He fell in love at first sight.
  • tie the knot
    соединиться узами брака
    Brian and Lucy had been dating for a year before they decided to tie the knot.
  • to be on the safe side
    на всякий случай
    The train ticket might cost a bit more, so to be on the safe side I should have more money about me.
  • take one's eye off the ball
    отвести глаза от чего-либо, упустить
    The mother took her eye off the ball for only a second, and the child fell into a puddle.
  • take stock of (something)
    тщательно изучить, проанализировать ситуацию или возможности
    After taking stock of all the opportunities, I decided to take Accounting as my major.
  • take the bull by the horns
    решительно взяться за дело, "взять быка за рога"
    Margaret decided to take the bull by the horns and ask Desmond if he was going to marry her.
  • tear one's hair out
    быть очень обеспокоенным, расстроенным или злым
    The brother was tearing his hair out because he had lost an important document.
  • take it on the chin
    потерпеть поражение, быть побеждённым
    Paul took it on the chin in the chess tournament.
  • teacher's pet
    любимчик (учителя)
    I never was my teacher's pet when I studies in high school.
  • turn (something) over in one's mind
    постоянно думать о чём-либо, держать в уме
    I slept badly that night because I was turning the conversation with my father over in my mind.
  • take a dig at (someone)
    критиковать, говорить что-либо неприятное, "подковыривать"
    Alana likes to irritate people, and she is always trying to take a dig at me.
  • talk until one is blue in the face
    говорить до посинения
    I could have talked until I was blue in the face, but he wouldn't listen to reason.
  • there is more than one way to skin a cat
    есть много способов добиться своего
    "How did you get your son to study so hard?" I asked my friend. "I disconnected the television set," she answered. "There's more than one way to skin a cat."
  • take a leaf out of (someone's) book
    брать пример с кого-либо, подражать кому-либо
    Sally always takes a leaf out of her favorite actress's book.
  • to hound (someone)
    подвергать гонениям, изводить кого-либо
    It seemed to Edna that the boss was hounding her, and she decided to quit her job.
  • take it or leave it
    не хотите, не берите; не хочешь, как хочешь
    The man said the price of the cottage was $100,000, take it or leave it.
  • try one's hand (at something)
    попробовать свои силы в чём-либо
    I am going to try my hand at poker tonight.
  • travel light
    путешествовать налегке
    I don't like taking a lot of luggage with me; I prefer to travel light.
  • take one's time
    не торопиться, не проявлять торопливости
    "Take your time and tell me in plain words what you want."
  • touch and go
    критическое или опасное положение
    At one time while we were climbing the cliff, it was touch and go whether we could do it.
  • take five
    отдохнуть 5 минут, немного передохнуть
    I decided to take five before going on with the cleaning.