Идиомы на букву T

  • too good to be true
    слишком хорошо, чтобы быть правдой
    The offer is too good to be true; it is almost unbelievable to be included into the Olympic athletic team.
  • tried-and-true
    проверено временем
    I decided to use a tried-and-true method to remove stains from my dress.
  • true love
    настоящая любовь
    "You are too young to marry Noel. You may have taken infatuation for true love," Rita said to her daughter.
  • true to form
    как и ожидалось
    True to form the secretary refused to do any work after office hours.
  • true to one's word
    верный своему слову, обещанию
    My friend promised to call me and he was true to his word.