Идиомы на букву T

  • take the money and run
    принять предложенное пока предложение в силе
    Bill planned to take the money and run as he was not sure that he would be given any more money for the settlement of his car accident.
  • throw good money after bad
    тратить деньги впустую, упорствовать в безнадёжном деле
    They closed the mine because they couldn't afford to throw good money after bad.
  • throw money around
    сорить деньгами
    Paul made up his mind to buy a piece of waste land and built a swimming pool on it, but I believe that he is simply throwing money around; the idea doesn't seem to be good.
  • tidy sum of money
    довольно большая сумма денег
    Samuel decided to sell his shop and hoped to get a tidy sum of money from the sale.
  • time is money
    время - деньги
    "Don't waste your time doing nothing; remember time is money."