Идиомы на букву T

  • tie (someone's) hands
    мешать, связать кому-либо руки
    Mr. Brown hoped his son would not quit school, but his hands were tied; Jim was old enough to decide it himself.
  • tie (someone) up in knots
    сильно нервничать или беспокоиться
    The thought of going to the dentist to have her tooth pulled tied Tina up in knots.
  • tie down (someone or something)
    обязать выполнять условия, связывать, привязывать
    The baby naturally tied Rita down, and she was not so active socially as before.
  • tie in (something) with (something)
    связывать что-либо с чем-либо
    The detectives tied in the fingerprints on the man's gun with those found on the safe.
  • tie the knot
    соединиться узами брака
    Brian and Lucy had been dating for a year before they decided to tie the knot.
  • tie up (a boat)
    привязать (лодку), поставить на прикол
    They tied up their yacht at the pier when the storm was brewing.
  • tie up (someone)
    занять чьё-либо время (полностью)
    I am afraid that the meeting will tie me up until noon.
  • tie up (something)
    ограничить условиями (переход имущества или денег по наследству)
    The father tied up the money in his daughter's marriage settlement.
  • tie up (traffic)
    ограничить движение транспорта
    The crash of two cars tied up the traffic downtown.
  • tie up with (someone or something)
    вступить в сотрудничество с кем-либо \ чем-либо
    Their company has tied up with another firm to support the art festival.