Идиомы на букву A

  • adjourn a meeting
    закрывать заседание
    The meeting was adjourned until the next day.
  • advise against (something)
    разубедить, отсоветовать
    We were advised against putting up a tent, the weather being very cold and nasty.
  • afraid of one's own shadow
    бояться собственной тени
    Don't be a coward; it's silly of you to be afraid of your own shadow.
  • after a fashion
    до известной степени, некоторым образом, кое-как
    Jack did his home assignment after a fashion but certainly not very well.
  • after all
    в конце концов, после всего
    I didn't know what language classes to elect, but then I made up my mind to take French after all.
  • after all is said and done
    наконец, после всего
    After all is said and done, they have shown a very good performance.
  • after hours
    после закрытия, после окончания работы
    Fanny always has a lot of work in the office so she stays after hours.
  • after one's own heart
    быть приятным кому-либо, быть по душе \ по сердцу, радовать кого-либо
    "Cheer up! We are going to have a day after your own heart."
  • after the fact
    после свершившегося
    They were told, after the fact, that the insurance company would not pay to rebuild the house.
  • against one's will
    против чьей-то воли
    I don't want you to do it against your will.
  • against the clock
    торопиться что-либо сделать пока не поздно
    They worked against the clock to complete the job.
  • AGM
    Annual General Meeting - ежегодное общее собрание организации
    My boss attended the AGM of the shareholders last Tuesday.
  • ahead of one's time
    опередивший своё время, свою эпоху (во взглядах, поступках и т.д.)
    Newton's ideas in physics were very much ahead of his time.
  • ahead of the game
    делать больше, чем необходимо
    The company secretary did more work that day to be ahead of the game the next day.
  • ahead of the pack
    (быть) впереди всех
    I studied hard so that I could be ahead of the pack in my class.
  • ahead of time
    раньше времени, раньше срока
    I asked the permission of my boss to leave work ahead of time.
  • AI
    Artificial Intelligence - искусственный интеллект
    The Japanese have been researching AI for many years now.
  • AIDS
    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome - синдром приобретённого иммунодефицита (СПИД)
    AIDS patients are not contagious.
  • air (something) out
    проветривать что-либо
    I'd like to put the rugs outside to air them out.
  • air one's dirty laundry/linen in public
    выносить сор из избы, перемывать грязное бельё при всех
    It pleased Greg immensely to air other people's dirty laundry in public.
  • air one's dirty linen in public
    обсуждать личные проблемы в присутствии посторонних, "выносить сор из избы"
    I don't think much of people who prefer to air their dirty linen in public.
  • air one's grievances
    жаловаться прилюдно
    During the war their houses were destroyed so they couldn't but air their grievances to the journalists.
  • albatross (around someone's neck)
    помеха на пути к успеху
    Jack's lack of a proper education is an albatross around his neck, and it prevents him from getting a good job.
  • alive and well/kicking
    быть живым и здоровым
    At the age of 95 my Uncle Tobias is still alive and kicking.
  • all along
    всё время
    Jeremy has known about my problems all along.
  • all at once
    внезапно, без предупреждения
    All at once the lightning struck and it started to pour.
  • all day long
    весь день
    Mary has been working in the garden all day long.
  • all ears
    внимательно слушать
    The lecture was very interesting, and the students were all ears.
  • all eyes
    смотреть во все глаза
    When the children saw an elephant in the zoo, they were all eyes.
  • all eyes are on (someone or something)
    все глаза устремлены на кого-либо \ что-либо
    When the singer came out onto the stage, all eyes were on him.
  • all for (someone or something)
    быть целиком за
    I was all for going on a picnic, the day being so sunny.
  • all hands on deck
    совместная работа
    Ms. Parker called for all hands on deck because there was a lot of work to do about the house.
  • all in
    быть очень усталым
    Having spent long hours at the computer, Jill was all in.
  • all in (someone's) mind
    воображать несуществующую проблему
    "Please, don't bother me with your problem. It is all in your mind. It does not exist."
  • all in a day's work
    часть того, что нужно делать; что-то ожидаемое
    It was all in a day's work when the police arrested the criminal.