• you can lead a horse to water (but you can't make it drink)
    можно предоставить кому-либо возможность, но нельзя заставить делать что-либо силой
    Alec was given the opportunity to study at a community college, but he decided not to enter the college. Well, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.
  • donkey's years
    очень долгое время
    Fanny had been working at a shoe factory for donkey's years before she retired.
  • make a monkey out of (someone)
    заставить кого-либо выглядеть глупо, подшутить
    Anne's classmates made a monkey out of her by telling her the party was to be a masquerade.
  • wolf down (something)
    есть, заглатывать что-либо с жадностью
    The boy hurriedly wolfed down his dinner and left the house.
  • horse trade
    усиленно торговаться, "рядиться", вести трудные переговоры
    They had to horse trade, but they were finally able to make a business agreement.
  • hit the bulls-eye
    попасть в точку, в цель
    Samantha hit the bull's-eye when she spoke about the problems in the office.
  • keep the wolf from the door
    едва сводить концы с концами, жить очень скромно
    Her salary was so small that she could hardly keep the wolf from the door.
  • look a gift horse in the mouth
    дарёному коню в рот не смотрят"
    William's father gave him a computer, but William complained that the computer was outdated. His father told him not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
  • by shank's mare
    пешком, "на своих двоих"
    My car got broken, so I had to come to work by shank's mare.
  • monkey on one's back
    серьёзная, не решённая проблема
    I am not very good at math, and my math course is a real monkey on my back.
  • rat on (someone)
    выдать кого-либо, рассказав о неприглядном поведении; донести
    I asked my sister not to tell Mother about the spoilt carpet, but she ratted on me.
  • get on one's high horse
    вести себя высокомерно, важничать
    Alice is very bossy; when she gets on her high horse, there is no stopping her.
  • get off one's high horse
    перестать важничать
    I wish George would get off his high horse as it is very annoying.
  • like lambs to the slaughter
    безропотно, покорно, "как агнец на закланье"
    Our baseball players went like lambs to the slaughter to meet the best team in our area.
  • like a deer caught in the headlights
    (быть) в замешательстве
    Marion looked like a deer caught in the headlights when she learnt that she had failed the test.
  • monkey around with (someone or something)
    попусту тратить время на кого-либо \ что-либо
    "Why are you monkeying around with your camera? You have a lot of homework to do."
  • throw (someone) to the lions
    взвалить ответственность за провал на кого-либо; "сделать кого-либо козлом отпущения"
    The company was about to go bankrupt. It was decided to throw the financial director to the lions, which was absolutely unfair.
  • go hog-wild
    вести себя бесконтрольно, безудержно
    The football fans went hog-wild when their favorite team won the game.
  • turn tail
    поспешно уйти или броситься бежать
    The men in front of me turned tail like a dog that had been whistled home, and fled like the wind.
  • go whole hog
    делать всё возможное
    They went whole hog in their effort to make sure that the contest would be a success.
  • as wild as a tiger
    очень дикий
    The dog was as wild as a tiger and he didn't allow anybody to touch him.
  • wild horses could not drag (someone away)
    ничто не может заставить кого-либо оторваться от что-либо
    Wild horses could not drag Emily away from her favorite computer game.
  • road hog
    водитель, мешающий проезду другого транспорта
    Leo is a regular road-hog; he always uses more than his share of the road.
  • lone wolf
    волк-одиночка (о замкнутом или нелюдимом человеке)
    The man was a lone wolf; he had neither friends nor family to spend his time with.
  • rat out on (someone)
    бросить кого-либо в беде, предать
    My best friend ratted out on me at a critical time, and I am not going to forgive him his betrayal.
  • hoof it
    идти пешком, прогуляться
    My car got broken, so I had to hoof it.
  • straw that broke the camel's back
    переполнить чашу терпения
    Alan cheated on me again and it was the straw that broke the camel's back; I decided to break off with him.
  • on horseback
    верхом на лошади
    I saw Pam ride on horseback yesterday.
  • play possum
    притвориться больным или мёртвым; прикинуться не понимающим
    "Don't you try to play possum; you know what I am talking about."
  • throw (someone) to the wolves
    отдать кого-либо на растерзание
    In order to explain the situation to the press the governor blamed the mayor and threw him to the wolves.
  • piggy bank
    копилка (в виде свиньи)
    The mother gave Rita a piggy bank to put small coins into.
  • in two shakes of a lamb's tail
    очень быстро
    "Please, wait for me. I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail."
  • kill the fatted calf
    встретить радушно; угостить лучшим, что есть дома
    Aunt Mary was coming to visit us, so we decided to kill the fatted calf and have a big dinner in her honor.
  • more fun than a barrel of monkeys
    очень смешной, забавный
    Jonny was more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and everybody loved to hear his jokes.
  • lock the barn door after the horse is gone
    пытаться исправить положение
    Tina failed the examination and said she would study hard after that. She wanted to lock the barn door after the horse was gone.