• piggyback
    переносить кого-либо на плечах или на спине
    "Dad, I want you to give me a piggyback ride."
  • squirrel (something) away
    сделать запас (заначку) чего-либо
    I sometimes have to squirrel some extra money away so that I can use it later.
  • loaded for bear
    (быть) очень рассерженным
    Mr. Ferrar came home drunk and loaded for bear.
  • one's bark is worse than one's bite
    чьи-либо слова страшнее, чем его дела
    Ma Brooks is always scolding her children, but they know her bark is worse than her bite, and they are not afraid of her.
  • champ/chomp at the bit
    быть в нетерпении (что-либо делать)
    The children were chomping at the bit to go to the Field Museum.
  • dumb bunny
    глупый или доверчивый человек
    Jack is stupid and gullible; he is a dumb bunny because he believes everything people tell him.
  • weasel out of (something)
    устраниться, уклоняться от чего-либо
    I have no wish to stay at work after office hours; I'd rather weasel out of the job they want me to do.
  • lion's share of (something)
    львиная доля чего-либо
    Sam gave the lion's share of his stamp collection to his son.
  • ferret (information or something) out of (someone)
    выведать что-либо у кого-либо
    Tina used Willy to ferret the boys' secret hiding place in the woods out of him.
  • rub (someone/someone's fur) the wrong way
    раздражать кого-либо, "гладить против шерсти"
    Olaf's insolence and rude behavior constantly rubs me the wrong way.
  • go ape (over someone or something)
    разволноваться из-за кого-либо \ чего-либо, рассердиться
    Amy went ape over the house with its beautiful garden full of flowers.
  • one's tail between one's legs
    быть пристыженным или побеждённым
    Steve had boasted he would win the tournament, but he went home with his tail between his legs.
  • eat high on/off the hog
    есть хорошую, дорогую пищу
    For the first few days after the check from his father arrived, Jeremy ate high on the hog.
  • put (someone or something) out to pasture
    удалить кого-либо на покой, перестать использовать что-либо
    They finally decided to put Old Kenworth out to pasture and asked him to give up his responsibilities.
  • wildcat strike
    стихийная забастовка
    The factory workers have gone on a wildcat strike, but the union is going to stop it.
  • ride herd on (someone)
    строго следить за кем-либо (как пастух следит за стадом)
    The head nurse was riding herd on the other nurses in the hospital.
  • live high on/off the hog
    иметь всё самое лучшее, жить в роскоши и комфорте
    Gina has been living high on the hog since she married a millionaire.
  • lock horns with (someone)
    сцепиться с кем-либо (в споре, в словесной перепалке)
    Samuel Clemens locked horns with his boss and was immediately fired.
  • look like the cat that swallowed/ate the canary
    выглядеть очень довольным собой
    When Linda got the job she wanted, she looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.