Идиомы на букву B

  • burst at the seams
    лопаться по швам, быть переполненным сверх меры
    The bus was very overcrowded; it was literally bursting at the seams.
  • burst in on (someone or something)
    стремительно войти, ворваться
    While we were having dinner, our next door neighbor burst in on us.
  • burst into flames
    внезапно воспламениться
    When a spark flew into the gasoline, the whole tank burst into flames.
  • burst into tears
    When the father told Helen she was not to leave the house, she burst into tears.
  • burst onto the scene
    внезапно появиться где-либо
    They were peacefully eating lunch when the police burst onto the scene.
  • burst out laughing
    It was very difficult for her not to burst out laughing when he said this.
  • burst with joy
    быть переполненным счастьем, сиять от счастья
    Mrs. Greystone couldn't but burst with joy when she heard the news of her son's engagement.
  • burst with pride
    лопаться от гордости, быть переполненным гордостью, очень гордиться
    The young mother was bursting with pride, praising her baby to the skies.
  • bury the hatchet
    прекратить спор и заключить мир, (зарыть топор войны)
    They buried the hatchet and now they are friends again.
  • bury/hide one's head in the sand
    прятать голову в песок, отказываться видеть/ признавать что-либо неприятное
    When the situation got tough, Phil buried his head in the sand; he was unable to take the responsibility.
  • business as usual
    продолжать как обычно
    It is business as usual for us after moving our office to a new place.
  • busman's holiday
    отпуск без отпуска; будучи в отпуске, продолжать делать свою работу
    Mark is on holiday, but he is spending much time at work, so it looks he is on a busman's holiday.
  • bust a gut (to do something)
    много и напряжённо работать
    I am going away on holiday next week, so I'll have to bust a gut to get my work finished before I leave.
  • but for (someone or something)
    если бы не что-то или кто-то
    But for the rain we wouldn't have stayed at home.
  • butt heads with (someone)
    спорить с кем-либо, "сталкиваться лбами"
    "I do not intend to butt heads with you about this problem because I know I am right."
  • butt in (on someone or something)
    вмешиваться во что-то, встревать в разговор
    I hate people who butt in on my conversations with friends.
  • butter (someone) up
    льстить кому-либо, умасливать
    It's hard to get published if you can't butter up the right people.
  • button one's lip
    замолчать, прикусить язык
    "I'd rather you buttoned up your lip; I don't want other people to know about our problems."
  • buy (something) for a song
    купить что-либо очень дёшево, "купить за пятак"
    It's a very cheap house; we practically bought it for a song.
  • buy (something) on credit
    купить что-либо в кредит
    Jenny Smith had no money so she decided to buy a car on credit.
  • buy (something) sight unseen
    купить что-либо не глядя
    Tim bought a cell phone sight unseen and was very sorry afterwards.
  • buy a pig in a poke
    купить кота в мешке
    You can buy a second-hand car, but it will be like buying a pig in a poke if you do not look at it properly first.
  • buy a stake in (something)
    приобретать часть чего-либо в собственность
    A large company was planning to buy a stake in a small printing business.
  • buy off (someone)
    подкупить кого-либо, откупиться
    The criminal's friends tried to buy off the judge but they were not successful.
  • buy out (someone or something)
    выкупить кого-либо \ что-либо
    Mr. Cohan decided to buy out a few acres of farmer's land and build a motel.
  • by a hair's breadth
    только-только, еле-еле, с трудом
    Jim got to the station by a hair's breadth to see the train ready to depart.
  • by a long shot
    намного, значительно
    The pharmaceutical firm beat out the bids of the other similar companies by a long shot.
  • by a mile
    при большом отрыве от остальных (в спорте)
    The skier ran faster than the other competitors and won the race by a mile.
  • by a whisker
    на волосок, чуть-чуть
    He shot at me and just missed hitting me by a hair.
  • by a whisker/hair
    на волосок, чуть-чуть не
    He shot at me and just missed hitting me by a hair.
  • by all accounts
    по общим отзывам, по общему мнению
    By all accounts our show was much better than theirs.
  • by all appearances
    по всей видимости, очевидно
    By all appearances, the reason he had an accident was he had been driving for many hours and had been very tired.
  • by all means
    обязательно, непременно
    "I'll help you move the furniture in your room by all means, I promise."
  • by and by
    вскоре, постепенно
    By the street of 'by-and-bye' one arrives at the house of 'Never'.
  • by and large
    в целом
    By and large, they had a good party in the open even though it was a bit cold outside.