Eyes and Ears

  • able to (do something) with one's eyes closed/shut

    уметь очень легко делать что-либо (с закрытыми глазами)

    Nick is very good at repairing computers, and he was able to fix my computer with his eyes closed.
  • all ears

    внимательно слушать (я всё внимание)

    The lecture was very interesting, and the students were all ears.
  • all eyes

    смотреть во все глаза

    When the children saw an elephant in the zoo, they were all eyes.
  • all eyes are on (someone or something)

    все глаза устремлены на кого-либо \ что-либо

    When the singer came out onto the stage, all eyes were on him.
  • apple of (someone's) eye

    чей-либо любимчик (зеница ока)

    Kelly's little son is the apple of her eye.
  • as plain as the nose on one's face

    совершенно очевидно

    The cause of the accident was clearly evident; it was as plain as the nose on my face.
  • assault the ears

    быть очень громким, "бить по ушам"

    Our neighbors always play very loud music, and it assaults the ears.
  • believe one's ears

    верить своим ушам

    I could not believe my ears when my friend told me that he had won a million dollars in a state lottery.
  • believe one's eyes

    верить тому, что видишь; верить своим глазам

    I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw Gilbert in the costume of Father Frost.
  • bend (someone's) ear

    вести с кем-то продолжительную (нудную) беседу

    "I am sorry but I have to bend your ear for the problem is very serious."
  • blind leading the blind

    слепой слепого водит (о человеке, который сам ничего не знает, но пытается объяснить что-либо другому)

    "Your attempts to explain to me how to use this camera are like the blind leading the blind."
  • blow one's nose


    Jack took out a big handkerchief from his pocket and loudly blew his nose.
  • can't see beyond the end of one's nose

    не видеть дальше своего носа

    Gina had no idea about what was happening around her; she could not see beyond the end of her nose.
  • cast a (critical/professional) eye over (someone or something)

    бросить критический взгляд на кого-либо \ что-либо

    The art critic cast a critical eye over the pictures of a young gifted artist.
  • cast an eye over (something)

    быстро прочесть или просмотреть что-либо

    Sam cast an eye over the letter he had received.
  • catch (someone's) eye

    привлечь чьё-либо внимание

    A bright butterfly on the window-sill caught my eye.
  • close one's eyes to (something)

    игнорировать, закрыть глаза на что-либо

    Samantha decided to close her eyes to her family problems.
  • cry one's eyes out

    плакать, глаза выплакать

    The little girl cried her eyes out when she lost her favorite doll.
  • cut off one's nose to spite one's face

    причинить вред себе, желая досадить другому

    If David refused to make any advantageous deals, he would be cutting off his nose to spite his face.
  • deaf and dumb


    The little girl was born deaf and dumb.
  • ears are burning

    уши горят (кто-либо обсуждает вас за вашей спиной)

    Jane's ears were burning; she was sure that someone was talking about her.
  • ears are ringing

    звон в ушах

    The jazz music at the concert was very loud, and my ears were ringing.
  • ears become red

    покраснеть от смущения

    When I asked Paul about his grades at school, he got embarrassed and his ears became red.
  • evil eye

    недобрый глаз, способный причинить вред

    Zahra is believed to have an evil eye, and people try to avoid her.
  • eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth

    око за око, зуб за зуб

    Never call for an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth when somebody hurts you; it won't make your pain less.
  • eye of the storm

    в центре внимания (окружающих); в центре событий

    If something goes wrong, Bert is going to be in the eye of the storm.
  • eyeball-to-eyeball

    лицом к лицу

    They were jammed in the crowd and had to stand eyeball-to-eyeball.
  • eyes pop out

    очень удивиться, "глаза вылезли из орбит"

    Kelly's eyes popped out when she heard Jeremy's name mentioned in a TV news program.
  • fall on deaf ears

    пропускать мимо ушей, игнорировать

    The reprimand of Linda's parents always falls on deaf ears.
  • feast one's eyes on (someone or something)

    любоваться кем-либо \ чем-либо, наслаждаться зрелищем

    Sitting on a bench in the park, he feasted his eyes on the fresh green leaves.
  • flea in (someone's) ear

    резкое замечание, раздражающий ответ, отпор

    Our boss sent the manager away with a flea in his ear about changing the schedule.
  • follow one's nose

    идти прямо вперёд, следуя интуиции

    Jim followed his nose until he found the movie theatre.
  • four eyes

    четырёхглазый (часто так дети называют тех, кто носит очки)

    My son doesn't like to wear glasses because his classmates call him four eyes.
  • get a black eye

    получить синяк под глазом, "подпортить свою репутацию"

    Robert didn't want to tell me how he had got a black eye.
  • get an earful

    выслушивать критику, жалобы

    The dean often gets an earful when he asks the students if they have any complaints.