Идиомы на букву F

  • fall off
    уменьшаться, ослабевать
    The number of people visiting the exhibition has begun to fall off.
  • fall off the wagon
    вернуться к прежним привычкам (об алкоголе и наркотиках)
    Felix stopped taking drugs for a short while and then he fell off the wagon.
  • fall on deaf ears
    пропускать мимо ушей, игнорировать
    The reprimand of Linda's parents always falls on deaf ears.
  • fall on hard times
    испытать много трудностей
    The people of the mining town fell on hard times when a few mines had been closed.
  • fall out of use
    выйти из употребления
    Bulky tape-recorders fell out of use long ago.
  • fall out with (someone) over (something)
    разойтись во мнениях с кем-либо, поссориться из-за чего-либо
    Mary fell out with her daughter over where to spend their holiday.
  • fall over backwards (to do something)
    очень стараться делать что-либо ради других
    The young doctor fell over backwards to help his patients.
  • fall over oneself to do something
    лезть из кожи вон, чтобы сделать что-либо
    Joe came out of his room all smiles and falling over himself to show he was pleased to see us.
  • fall short of (one's expectations)
    не оправдать чьих-либо ожиданий
    The new novel by Z. has fallen short of my expectations.
  • fall short of (something)
    не хватать чего-либо, кончаться
    The soldiers fell short of ammunition and couldn't go on fighting.
  • fall through
    потерпеть неудачу, провалиться
    Through no fault of theirs the plan fell through.
  • fall to (someone) to do (something)
    выпадать кому-либо, делать что-либо; стать чьей-либо обязанностью
    It usually falls to me to wash the dirty dishes after every meal.
  • fall upon/on (someone or something)
    нападать на кого-либо, атаковать
    As he was walking along the street a pack of homeless dogs fell upon him.
  • fall/drop into one's lap
    нежданная удача
    The chance to go on a trip to Baltimore dropped into my lap quite suddenly.
  • fall/get into the wrong hands
    попасть в плохие руки
    I want you to be very careful lest these important documents should fall into the wrong hands.
  • falling-out (with someone)
    разногласие, ссора с кем-либо
    Clarissa had a falling-out with her best friend, but they were able to make it up pretty soon.
  • false arrest
    незаконный арест, задержание
    Toby was detained for assault, but it turned out to be a case of false arrest.
  • false pretenses
    ложно представленные факты
    I am sure Pat was acting under false pretenses when she decided to take a part of her sister's property.
  • false witness
    фальшивый свидетель
    The woman turned out to be a false witness in the case of shoplifting.
  • familiar with (someone or something)
    быть знакомым с кем-либо / чем-либо
    Adam is very well familiar with the flora and fauna of this region.
  • fan the flames of (something)
    ухудшать ситуацию, "подливать масла в огонь"
    "Don't interfere. You'll only fan the flames of their quarrel."
  • far and away the best
    несомненно/ намного/ гораздо лучше
    Railroad stocks were far and away the most valuable and important on every exchange in America.
  • far and wide
    везде, во всех направлениях
    I lost my glove, and though I looked far and wide for it, I could not find it.
  • far be it from (someone) to do (something)
    у меня нет ни малейшего желания, я далёк от того, чтобы …
    I know my faults; far be it from me to deny them.
  • far cry from (something)
    большая разница, отличное от чего-либо
    Lord, what a far cry from this man to this woman, he thought.
  • far from it
    далеко не так, совсем нет, отнюдь нет
    "Far from it," my friend answered when I asked him if he had finished reading the book.
  • far into the night
    далеко за полночь
    When Dick was a college student, he used to study far into the night.
  • far out
    странный, "не от мира сего"
    William has always been far out; he is a bit difficult to deal with.
  • farm (something) out
    отдавать, передоверять работу кому-либо
    They decided to farm out the installation of the equipment to another company.
  • fast buck
    деньги, заработанные легко и быстро, "шальные деньги"
    The man is always trying to make a fast buck without working very hard.
  • fast talker
    жулик, умеющий убеждать; мошенник
    Julian was a fast talker and was able to convince others easily.
  • fat chance
    никаких возможностей, никаких шансов
    "Fat chance you'll get your money back," Marion said angrily.
  • fat is in the fire
    дело скверное, быть беде
    "The fat is in the fire. If you persist in your willfulness, you'll have yourself to blame."
  • fat of the land
    то, что достаётся без труда, "халява"
    I can't live off the fat of the land; it's against my principles.
  • favor (someone) with (something)
    удостоить кого-либо, оказать внимание
    "I would like you to favor the community people with your presence."