Идиомы на букву F

  • fire away at (someone or something)
    задавать много вопросов, "засыпать вопросами"
    The participants of the conference began to fire away at the speaker as soon as he had finished speaking.
  • firing on all cylinders
    стараться во всю
    They were firing on all cylinders when they began work on the project.
  • firm hand
    твёрдая рука
    The governor ruled the province with a firm hand.
  • first and foremost
    во-первых, в первую очередь
    First and foremost they decided to build a new house.
  • first come, first served
    первым пришёл - первым обслужили
    "First come, first served," the secretary said to the people waiting for her in the office.
  • first hand
    непосредственно из первых рук
    Ann Bradley learned about her son's serious illness first hand when she spoke to the doctor who was treating him.
  • first love
    первая любовь
    Steve was her first love; she fell in love with him at first sight.
  • first of all
    прежде всего
    "First of all I'd like you to tell me a few words about yourself."
  • first off
    первое, первым делом
    First off the dean told the students about the exact date of their exam.
  • first out of the gate
    первым начать что-либо делать
    That project was very important for Bob, and he was first out of the gate to start it.
  • first past the post
    первым пересечь финишную прямую
    The young skier was first past the post in the skiing marathon.
  • first things first
    в начале самое важное
    My Mum always says "first things first" when she starts doing some work about the house.
  • first-run
    премьера, первый показ
    The first-run of the new movie will take place next week.
  • firsthand
    из первых рук, напрямую
    They learned the happy news from their friends firsthand.
  • fish for (something)
    пытаться найти информацию о чём-либо, выуживать информацию
    Rick can sit for hours fishing for information from the Internet.
  • fish for a compliment
    напрашиваться на комплимент
    Alice, my classmate, is always fishing for compliments.
  • fish in troubled waters
    стараться получить что-либо (выгоду, информацию) нечестным путём; "ловить рыбку в мутной воде"
    I hate people fishing in troubled waters in order to gather information.
  • fish or cut bait
    принять то или иное решение, одно из двух
    "I see that you are not actually eager to buy the house, so you either fish or cut bait."
  • fish out of water
    человек не в своей стихии, "рыба без воды"
    The woman was like a fish out of water at the fashion show.
  • fishy
    странный и подозрительный
    The old man with a long beard looked quite fishy.
  • fit (someone or something) in
    находить подходящее место или время для кого-либо/ чего-либо
    "It is only a small car: do you think we can all possibly fit in?"
  • fit (someone) into a schedule
    найти время для кого-либо
    "I don't think I can possibly fit you into my schedule today."
  • fit (someone) out with (something)
    снабжать необходимым, экипировать
    The salesperson in the store helped to fit them out with traveling kits.
  • fit (someone) to a T
    прекрасно подходить кому-либо
    My friend's new apartment fits her to a T.
  • fit and trim
    быть стройным, в хорошей физической форме
    Lola goes to the health club because she wants to look fit and trim.
  • fit as a fiddle
    быть в хорошей спортивной форме
    Mr. Galaght does morning exercises every morning to be as fit as a fiddle.
  • fit for a king
    полностью подходить, полностью удовлетворять
    The design of their office is fit for a king.
  • fit in with (someone or something)
    подходить кому-либо; соответствовать, гармонировать с чем-либо
    The new roommate doesn't fit in with the others very well.
  • fit like a glove
    прекрасно подходить (об одежде)
    I'd like to buy a dress which will fit like a glove.
  • fit the mold
    подходить под шаблон \ для работы
    Sally does not very well fit the mold of nanny for very small children.
  • fit to be tied
    очень рассердиться или расстроиться
    Kathy was fit to be tied when she heard that her son had dropped out of school.
  • fit to kill
    быть очень нарядно одетым, "быть разодетым в пух и прах"
    In her beautiful evening dress Minnie looked fit to kill.
  • fix (someone's) wagon
    наказать, расквитаться с кем-либо
    I think it's necessary to fix the man's wagon because he has deceived me.
  • fix (someone) up with (someone)
    свести кого-либо с кем-либо
    "Don't try to fix me up with your brother. I don't like him."
  • fizzle out
    закончиться неудачно (после хорошего начала)
    The show wasn't good, and it fizzled out sooner than it was expected.