Идиомы на букву F

  • field questions
    отвечать на вопросы
    The professor began to field questions as soon as he finished delivering the lecture.
  • fifty-fifty
    в равных долях, пятьдесят на пятьдесят
    My husband and I share household chores fifty-fifty.
  • fight against time
    торопиться, делать что-либо предельно быстро
    The doctor was fighting against time to save the patient.
  • fight like cats and dogs
    жить (драться) как кошка с собакой
    The Johnsons have been married for years, and all this time they have been fighting like cats and dogs.
  • fight tooth and nail
    драться, бороться изо всех сил
    The boy was fighting tooth and nail to get his toys back from another boy.
  • fighting chance
    хорошая возможность успеха (если постараться)
    If you try hard, you might have a fighting chance to get this job.
  • figure on (something)
    рассчитывать на что-либо, быть уверенным
    You can figure on having the job done in time.
  • figure out (someone or something)
    пытаться понять, постигать
    At last Bill figured out how to use the new camera.
  • figure out (something)
    понимать что-либо, постигать
    I am trying to figure out what my friend's plans are.
  • fill (someone's) shoes
    занять чьё-либо место
    It was difficult for Mr. Sandford to fill the shoes of the previous lecturer.
  • fill (someone) in
    детально информировать кого-либо
    "I would like you to fill me in about reorganization of the department."
  • fill (something) in
    вставить слова в пропуски
    The assignment was to fill in the appropriate words in the gaps.
  • fill in the blanks
    вставить слова в пропуски
    The assignment was to fill in the blanks with appropriate words.
  • fill out (something)
    заполнить что-либо (формуляр, бланк)
    I was asked to fill out the form before I could be given a visa.
  • fill the bill
    как раз то, что нужно
    The information I received will fill the bill for what I need to finish the article.
  • filled to the brim
    (быть) полным до краёв
    "Be careful! The tea cup is filled to the brim."
  • find (someone) guilty
    признать кого-либо виновным
    The jury needed little time to find the prisoner guilty of assault.
  • find (someone) innocent
    признать кого-либо невиновным
    Mark Emmerson was arrested for burglary, but the judge found him innocent.
  • find fault with (someone or something)
    придираться к кому-либо/ чему-либо
    She had been their cook for ten years, and they had never had occasion to find fault with her.
  • find it in one's heart to (do something)
    найти в себе мужество сделать что-либо, быть отзывчивым
    "Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?"
  • find Mr. Right
    подходящая партия, будущий муж
    "There is still hope that you will find your Mr. Right," Alice said to her daughter.
  • find one's feet
    привыкнуть к новой ситуации или опыту
    Tim Brown has finally found his feet in his new position.
  • find one's own level
    найти для себя наиболее благоприятную позицию
    It is the duty of a teacher to help his students to find their own levels.
  • find one's tongue
    найтись, что сказать
    I was so mad at Tina that I couldn't find my tongue.
  • find one's way
    найти дорогу
    The children got lost in the forest, but luckily they were able to find their way.
  • find oneself
    найти себя (свои таланты, предпочтения)
    The young girl tried several jobs in order to try and find herself.
  • find out (something)
    выяснить что-либо
    I want to find out what has happened to my new watch.
  • fine and dandy
    хорошо, здорово
    It is fine and dandy for us that the trip to Holland will take place during our Easter holidays.
  • fine how-do-you-do
    затруднительное положение
    The car broke down on a country road and they were in a fine how-do-you-do.
  • fine kettle of fish
    неудобная, неудовлетворительная ситуация
    It was a fine kettle of fish when my boss called and told me to stay after office hours.
  • fine state of affairs
    неприятная ситуация
    The mess in the bathroom was a fine state of affairs and I had to deal with it quickly.
  • fine-tooth/toothed comb
    тщательный просмотр, прочёсывание
    Cora went over the whole house with a fine-tooth comb, but she could not find her new pantyhose.
  • fine-toothed/tooth comb
    ничего не упускающая, тщательная проверка; поиск
    The police went over the area with a fine-toothed comb, but they could not find anybody.
  • finger in the pie
    участие в каком-то деле, разделение ответственности
    I know that he had his finger in the pie of a few small businesses.
  • fire a gun
    выстрелить из оружия
    When the man saw the dog stealing meat from the cook, he fired a gun but missed.