Идиомы на букву F

  • from the ground up
    с начала, с низшей точки
    Jim Bobtail designed his house and built it from the ground up.
  • from the heart
    искренне, честно
    Sarah thanked me and her gratitude came from the heart.
  • from the old school
    (идеи) старой системы образования
    Evidently Ms Cruncher was from the old school because she forbade her grandchildren to watch TV.
  • from the outset
    с самого начала
    Sarah knew from the outset that her mother wouldn't like her new boy friend.
  • from the top
    с начала
    We decided to take it from the top and begin again.
  • from the word go
    с самого начала
    From the word go I was sure they would let us down.
  • from time to time
    время от времени
    They go to the theatre from time to time.
  • from tip to toe
    с головы до пят, сверху донизу
    A sweet warmth overtook Lorna from tip to toe.
  • from way back
    Sheila and I have known each other from way back since we went to elementary school together.
  • fruits of one's labor
    плоды своего труда
    A lot of New Year's toys were the fruits of our labor.
  • full of beans
    энергичный, в приподнятом настроении
    My Granny, who is seventy, is always full of beans.
  • full of hot air
    говорить ерунду
    "Stop talking nonsense! You are always full of hot air."
  • full of it
    полон чепухи
    The girl was full of it when she told everybody about her desire to become a top model.
  • full of oneself
    самодовольный, высокомерный
    He who is full of himself is quite empty.
  • full steam ahead
    энергично, "на всех парах"
    Charles carried out his plan; he went full steam ahead with it.
  • full-fledged
    полноценный, вполне развитый
    Having worked for a few years, Tim Noaland became a full-fledged engineer.
  • fun and games
    очень трудное задание (часто употребляется с иронией)
    It was fun and games when Paul wrote his first article for the local newspaper.
  • funny bone
    внутренний мыщелок плечевой кости
    Jack hit his funny bone today and it still hurts a little.
  • funny business
    противозаконная деятельность
    The young man seems to be involved in some funny business which is probably illegal.
  • funny ha-ha
    очень смешной, комичный
    I can't say the film is funny ha-ha but it is still worth seeing.
  • FYI
    For Your Information - для вашего сведения
    My boss asked me to write FYI on the information bulletin and send it to the other members of the staff.