Идиомы на букву T

  • turn turtle
    перевернуться вверх дном
    My tires began to slip; the car turned turtle and stopped.
  • turn up
    найтись, обнаружиться, (внезапно) появиться
    "I will meet you on Monday unless anything special turns up."
  • turn up one's nose at (something)
    отнестись пренебрежительно к чему-либо, "воротить нос"
    Sally is very choosy; she turns up her nose at many foods.
  • turnover
    товарооборот, текучесть
    The turnover of summer clothes is at its peak this season.
  • twiddle one's thumbs
    бездельничать; сидеть, сложа руки
    I've got to be busy. I can't sit down and twiddle my thumbs.
  • twist (someone's) arm
    силой заставлять кого-либо (делать что-либо)
    I often have to twist my son's arm to make him eat properly.
  • twist (someone's) words around
    исказить чьи-либо слова
    My sister twisted my words around when she told my mother about my problems at work.
  • twist (someone) around one's (little) finger
    обвести кого-либо вокруг пальца
    Susan can twist any of the boys around her little finger.
  • two bits
    25 центов
    A haircut only cost two bits when Grandfather was young.
  • two bricks shy of a load
    не умный, тупой, "винтиков не хватает"
    Martin is two bricks shy of a load and he is hard to deal with.
  • two can play that game
    ответить тем же, отплатить той же монетой
    Cora offended me; I told her that two can play that game, but actually I am not going to do the same to her.
  • two cents
    незначительный, грошёвый
    My computer is not in a very good working condition, and they won't give me two cents for it.
  • two cents (worth)
    мнение (о котором не спрашивают)
    The boys were talking about tennis, and Hilda put in her two cents worth, even though she didn't know much about tennis.
  • two heads are better than one
    одна голова хорошо, а две лучше
    "Let's discuss these problems between the two of us; two heads are better than one, you know."
  • two of a kind
    два одинаковых (человека), "два сапога пара"
    John and Jack are two of a kind and they are always seen together.
  • two strikes against someone
    две упущенный возможности, так что остаётся только один шанс
    Poor Lorna has two strikes against her when it comes to her love for Frank: first she is too fat and second she is too silly.
  • two wrongs don't make a right
    злом зла не поправишь (посл.)
    Though Lionel's words hurt my feelings I am not going to try and offend him; I am sure two wrongs don't make a right.
  • two's company, three's a crowd
    где двое, там третий – лишний
    I was going out with my date, and I didn't want Jim to accompany us; I told him that two's company and three's a crowd.
  • two-faced
    неискренний, двуликий
    Don't confide too much in Dana as she has the reputation of being two-faced.
  • two-time (someone)
    изменять кому-либо (супруге или супругу, партнёру)
    Silvia was very upset when she discovered that Tim was two-timing her.