Идиомы на букву B

  • behind schedule
    опаздывать, не успевать делать что-либо в срок
    Linda was afraid she might be behind schedule to hand in her term paper.
  • behind the eight ball
    оказаться в невыгодном положении (досл. чёрный шар под номером 8 в бильярде)
    Benny seemed to be behind the eight ball; he didn't win a scholarship for which he had great hopes.
  • behind the scenes
    частным образом, не на виду у всех
    The lawyer had to work behind the scenes to try and bail his client out.
  • behind the times
    быть старомодным
    My father's views and ideas are very much behind the times.
  • belabor the point
    долго спорить по каждому пункту
    The members of the committee belabored the point, and as a result they couldn't discuss all the questions.
  • believe one's ears
    верить своим ушам
    I could not believe my ears when my friend told me that he had won a million dollars in a state lottery.
  • believe one's eyes
    верить тому, что видишь; верить своим глазам
    I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw Gilbert in the costume of Father Frost.
  • below average
    ниже среднего
    The results of the English test were below average, and the teacher was very upset.
  • below par
    ниже номинальной стоимости
    The bonds of the oil company were selling at a price that was below par.
  • belt (something) out
    громко петь, выкрикивать
    There was a huge crowd in the square; people shouted and belted out songs.
  • bend (someone's) ear
    вести с кем-то продолжительную (нудную) беседу
    "I am sorry but I have to bend your ear for the problem is very serious."
  • bend over backwards (to do something)
    очень стараться сделать что-то
    Elena had to bend over backwards to marry Joe.
  • bent on doing (something)
    быть настроенным на какое-то действие, склоняться к какому-то поступку
    The Smiths were bent on buying a new house.
  • beside oneself (with something)
    быть вне себя (быть расстроенным, взволнованным)
    The man was beside himself with rage when he saw that his car had been stolen.
  • beside the point
    не иметь отношение к предмету спора
    "Stop talking about money; it's beside the point now."
  • best bib and tucker
    чья-либо лучшая одежда
    Tina put on her best bib and tucker for her friend's wedding reception.
  • best-laid plans of mice and men
    хорошо продуманные планы
    Even the best-laid plans of mice and men cannot prevent you from misfortune.
  • best/better part of (something)
    большая часть чего-либо
    The children spent the best part of summer in a scouts' camp.
  • bet on the wrong horse
    выбирать неверный курс, "поставить не на ту лошадь"
    "I am sure you are betting on the wrong horse when you try to support that project."
  • bet one's boots
    держать пари, биться об заклад
    I bet my boots that Jeremy won't be promoted so soon after he started his new job.
  • bet one's bottom dollar
    быть совершенно уверенным в чем-либо
    Aleck could bet his bottom dollar that his baseball team would win the game.
  • better off
    улучшить ситуацию или своё положение
    Elvira was much better off when she won a solid sum of money in a state lottery.
  • between a rock and a hard place
    быть в очень трудном положении (между молотом и наковальней)
    The sailors got between a rock and a hard place trying to save the boat during the storm.
  • between the devil and the deep blue sea
    между двух огней (в очень трудном положении)
    Maria was between the devil and the deep blue sea in her efforts to make peace in the family.
  • betwixt and between
    быть в нерешительности; ни то ни сё, так себе
    I didn't feel like going out with my friends; I was betwixt and between whether to join them or not.
  • beyond a reasonable doubt
    почти наверняка, вне всякого сомнения
    The judge told the jurors to come up with a verdict of guilty only if they were convinced beyond a reasonable doubt the man had committed the crime.
  • beyond a shadow of a doubt
    вне всякого сомнения, без тени сомнения
    It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that this student used cheat sheets at the Math exam.
  • beyond measure
    быть неизмеримым (о чувствах)
    The girl's dread for her step-father was beyond measure.
  • beyond one's depth
    столкнуться с трудностями
    Robert appeared to be beyond his depth; he picked a fight with his boss and lost the battle.
  • beyond one's means
    (жить) не по средствам
    This expensive cottage is very much beyond their means.
  • beyond the pale
    за пределами чего-либо (то, что не принято делать)
    "I don't like the way your children behave; it is totally beyond the pale."
  • beyond words
    неописуемый, невыразимый (словами)
    "The mess in your bedroom is beyond words".
  • bid adieu to (someone or something)
    попрощаться с кем-либо
    Paul took his girlfriend to the airport and bid adieu to her.
  • bide one's time
    терпеливо ждать своего часа
    "Bide your time and the opportunity of a good job will present itself".
  • big cheese
    важный человек, лидер
    Though my uncle is a big cheese in the company I never ask him for help.